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Pregnancy Diary 1: How we found out || The Cuddle Blog

Hello Everyone, 
Thanks for visiting my blog today. I decided to share my Pregnancy diary, lessons I learnt in each of the phases and it will be in 5 parts. How we found out, 1-3 Trimester and Birth Story. I hope you enjoy it.
Before we got married, we talked about having kids and our desire was to wait a couple of months before we tried, that was the agreement but God had other plans. 
We were not trying and we were not not trying. To be honest, I was terrified of getting pregnant because I knew the responsibility it comes with - or I thought I knew - after the first 6 months, we already had family concerned for us but we were not worried at all as we had been working on ourselves and getting to know each other better to focus on. Looking back now,  I am glad we had that time before we got pregnant.

The Cuddle Blog || First Post

Hello there and Welcome to the Cuddle Blog.
I didn't give too much thought to life after the Birth of my baby, I just wanted to go through the pregnancy phase one day at a time. It was my first pregnancy and asides what I had read and heard about, it was all new and knowing that everyone's experience was different I really had to take each day at a time because I didn't know what to expect. Since it was my first pregnancy, we decided not to share it with the world mostly because it was a different experience and I didn't want the extra attention from the world, looking back now I wish I could've documented my experience for atleast one person to learn. Which is why we are here... The Birth of this blog.