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Review: August Secrets range of products

First Impression: The packaging was a bit underwhelming, I got over that quickly as soon as I opened it and smelt it. I absolutely loved the smell and the fact that it was all natural. I am a sucker for that. 

What I loved: The smell, I loved that my son loved it. He could even take it without formula - we had a phase where he didn't like milk - I love that the foods are versatile and can be used in different recipes

What I didn't like; there was really nothing I disliked about the product , maybe except that it finished quickly. Unfortunately, I had to stop buying from them, on 2 occasions after preparing the meals I saw ant in the food. The first time (first batch I bought) I told them and they replaced it for me but I didn't bother to tell them the second time. I am sure it wasn't from my house because, I had always kept the products in the fridge. 

Verdict: Will I recommend the products? yes! this is just my experience and it has been a lot more difficult to make sure my son has a balanced meal but I would rather go through the difficulty. 

Cost: Each product: N1,400
Full set N6,000 - this included Fish powder and crayfish powder

Rating: 4 Cuddly loves

Have you tried August secrets range of products for your little one? What are your thoughts? 


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