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How to choose your hospital for Delivery in Nigeria || The Cuddle Blog

There's been too many horror stories about our healthcare system in this country and if we want to be honest, the government doesn't really care or if they do they have a very funny way of showing it. There's still a recent circulation of a young woman that died during labour and delivery because of the negligence of the doctor and I also know someone who lost her baby for this same reason. It's absolutely sad that this is our reality in this country. We owe it to ourselves now to make sure that we take caution when choosing a hospital to deliver our babies. 

Which brings me here, How to choose hospital for your antenatal care and delivery. 

Pray: Before you start your search, pray to God about it. Let him guide your every step and decision because at the end of the day,  our knowledge is limited and he is Omniscient

Ask and Research: When I was going to choose an hospital for my antenatal care and delivery, we spoke to a Doctor friend who recommend a few places.  So, Know a Doctor? Ask for recommendations. Know someone that just gave birth and had a good hospital experience? Ask. Search online you might see good reviews of bad ones. By the time you're done you should have Atleast a number of hospitals in your list. 

Eliminate: I used different hospitals for my antenatal care and for Delivery. What informed my decision for my antenatal care was proximity to hospital and recommendation because I would go there more often in the course of the pregnancy. What informed my decision for the hospital for delivery was Recommendation and affordability. Since you've all the information, you can eliminate the unlikely ones and have like 2 - 3 options left.

Visit the hospitals: I know it will be alot of work but it's crucial. You need to make time out to visit these hospitals, make enquiries about their workflow, doctors, patient care, price. No question is too insignificant and don't forget to ask for a tour,  especially if it's a private hospital they will be more willing to give a tour. Someone recommended an hospital highly to us but when we got there the reception was dirty and they were expensive, if we didn't visit we wouldn't have known. We visited atleast 4 hospital in our course of making a decision.

Make a choice. Based on the information you have, all that you've seen and heard, your gut feeling, what you can afford. Make a choice. 

I wish you a safe pregnancy and ultimately safe delivery! 

Let me know in the comment section; How did you choose your hospital for Antenatal/Delivery?


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