Very recently, I saw for the umpteenth time how people still give their infants Golden morn. I went over to social media to write about my frustration and also my experience here is what I wrote; 

"Dear @goldenmorn_nigeria We love you and your product but please it is not enough to write "It is not an infant cereal" on a tiny portion at the BACK of the cereal. It will be very nice to write the recommended age boldly on the front of your cereal.
Soooooooooooooo many mothers out there give their little children this cereal because it's affordable (that's commendable) we understand you really want to feed our babies but if something is not good for them at a certain age, wouldn't that be counterintuitive to what you are trying to achieve?
We can do better! We are tired of guessing what age is appropriate. Thank you as you comply! --
Dear Mums, If you gave your child golden morn from like 1year without knowing the recommended age, please let's join mouth to ask them to do better. I love golden morn and my son loves it too but hearing that it should be from 3... Wow. Let's not imagine how many low-income families give their children before 1 year old!!! Let's ask for the change we need it's not enough to just put social media circulations!"

I have been tired of hearing this thing so much and the seeming silence of Golden morn (because I had not see anything official written addressing the issue) is why I decided to make my last post and by the end of the day Golden morn sent me a message asking for my phone number to speak to me. I was really impressed because to be honest I didn't expect them to respond. Anyways, I spoke to a representative of Nestle yesterday and here is what the conversation was; -- The lady who spoke to me (one of their customer service rep) told me about their cereal and how they know because of the composition it can be mistaken for 'baby food' which is why they write " it is not an infant cereal" on the pack and she went on to say they do not expect that mothers give their children between 0-6 months golden morn as they as a company advocate breastfeeding. We spoke further and she explained that Golden morn is not bad for children but since it is not an infant cereal it lacks all the nutrients that a child needs in comparison with infant cereals that are specially fortified for children which is why paediatrician won't recommend it. I listened to her, let finish and stated that the issue is not about if Golden morn is good or not but that the small label at the back is not enough to educate mothers that it is not an infant cereal, because let's face it, the reality of the product is that it does look like an infant cereal when mixed, in response to this she said creating the artworks for their products takes time and they are subjected to alot of policies but the same nestle cerelac has boldly written in front "from 6 months". I also mention to her that, we know that most children at that age are picky eaters and once they are introduced to their product there is a tendency that it becomes a majoooor part of what they eat. The final thing I said it that, it isn't also enough for them to say "It is not an infant cereal" they should put an age to it. - While I like that @goldenmorn_nigeria took their time to receive feedback, I wasn't at all satisfied with what I got because, when I said they needed to define who their infant is because they know what they put in the product and should be able to define who it is fit for, she said to me that different people define infant differently which means that if a mum thinks her 7 month old is not an infant it is okay for her to give golden morn and if another mum thinks 6 years is an infant she shouldn't give golden morn. - At the end of the conversation I asked "What are you going to do about this" and she promised to give the feedback to those that can actually make the change and will give me a call back if there is any development. She also mentioned that they have toll free numbers that people can call them on if they have any complains as they are open to feedback. - I think this is what is most important that they need to do; 1. Define who 'infant' is for your product. Yes we know there are different standards in the world but only the manufacturer of a product can tell who it is good for. 2. Go ahead and put that age on the front of the pack so everyone is clear

They might not set out to mislead anyone but as it stands it is very misleading. I really do hope they make the change.

Verdict: Your baby below 3 should not be eating Golden morn for the very reason that they could become dependent on it and Golden morn doesn't have all the nutrients required for the growth of a child. It is also assumed that from 3 they would have supplemented their foods to get the daily requirements of nutrition they need. There are available infant cereals that have been fortified to give your child(ren) the nutrients they need as they are growing up, and also they can start eating local foods too.

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