Our initial plan was to take a day trip to Abeokuta since the train now goes 2 times a day because we thought the only place to visit was Olumo Rock but with more research, we realized that there was a bit more to do.

The train now leaves for IB/Abeokuta for 8 am and departs Abeokuta 6:50pm (A day trip is possible once you plan your time well)

So we got planning.

List of things we wanted to do in Abeokuta 

  • Visit Olumo Rock  (Click to see a review) 
  • Go to where they make Adire and get some souvenir  - We were able to only buy Adire because apparently the market has been revamped and turned into a mall so they claim you have to see the head of the market (Iya Oloja) to seek permission to go to the place they make the Adire and we were so tired already. 
  • OOPL 
  • OOPL Wildlife Park 
  • OOPL Amusement Park - When we planned to go it was on the day of LG election in Abeokuta so the staff couldn't make it to work that day but there are quite a number of things to do as we saw from outside. We wished we came the previous day.  
  • Swimming - Access to the pool was complimentary because we lodged at the resort.

Click here to get a PDF for more things to do in Abeokuta with your kids

Our initial Budget was about 45k/Family but we realized that it made so much more sense to stay at the resort where the other activities we would do were.
We planned to stay at the Green Legacy resort which is in the compound as all the OOPL facilities.

Here's a breakdown of our initial budget;

From our initial budget, we planned to take a single room, stay for 2 days and share the bill of the hotel. I didn't budget for food and this was a major expense as we would quickly find out. About a week to our trip Grandma decided to come with so we upgraded our room to the double room of 45k and that was already our initial budget and I remembered we will eat and buy some Adire, so our budget HAD to increase.  We booked the hotel via hotels.ng and the process was so seamless. 

The double room we booked comes with complimentary tours for 2 adults for the OOPL and Wildlife park, complimentary breakfast, and access to their other facilities, we only had to pay for the tours for the kids and Grandma.

Breakdown of what we actually spent: 

What we loved about the resort: 

The room was big enough and I loved that although the resort is old you can tell they make an effort to maintain the place. I just really hope they could give the place a facelift and more people can know about the place. It's a great place to visit and the fact that you don't have to go anywhere and still have fun in the resort is commendable.

What we didn't like: 

One thing though is they didn't have a number of things on the menu except for the regular Naija meals and it felt too pricey for me especially because there was nothing fantastic about the food.


I do recommend you stay at the resort for ease of access and because you have an option to do many things within the facility, but I would suggest you also get snacks, quick easy meals (cereal, bread etc), and also maybe drive out to eat or buy some food at a restaurant.

I would give it a 3.5/5 Cuddly loves!

P.S: I got the phone number of the Cab person we used while in Abeokuta and he is available so, please DM me on IG @thecuddleblog for his phone number. He can pick you at the train station and He is punctual.

Please come and tell us of your experience visiting Abeokuta if you eventually visit.

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