The OOPL Wildlife Park is part of the presidential library which houses over one hundred and forty indigenous and exotic animals. It was set up to encourage wildlife conservation, educate the general public, promote tourism, and also support research.

Highlights of our Zoo’s collection are lions, spotted and striped hyenas, a Marabou Stork, pythons, and a striking aviary that houses several species of fowl.

The Wildlife Park also provides the Animal Adoption Programme. This program is aimed at recruiting individual and corporate partners who will support the Park in providing the financial resources for the preservation and care of animals that are on the brink of extinction as a result of increased human activities


What we loved:

I absolutely loved that all the animals they claim to have, they have. That is very rare trust me. Everywhere looks clean and well maintained. The animals looked good and they had LIONS that didn't look too malnourished 😂

What I didn't like:

A stock chased us 😭 the stock was left to roam and we initially didn't see a staff to help us so it scared me and the kids and we just wanted to go back. Eventually saw a staff that helped us chase the stock back before we were able to continue with the tour. While they had all the animals they claimed to have the tour was quickly over as it looks small and was over as soon as it started.


1k for Adult
700 for kids


4/5 cuddly love.

If you are in Abeokuta and have never been to a zoo or wildlife park I highly recommend but if you've been to other zoos before you might just be impressed just because of the lions because you'd see active lions that are not sleeping throughout your tour.

P.S: We went to cool off in their pool after. It costs 1k

Have you been to OOPL wildlife park before? What did you think about it?

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