Come as you are - Freedom 

Freedom to choose who you want to be 

Freedom to choose how you want to do things 

Freedom to choose your path. 

Freedom to come as you are. 

As a family, we made the choice to home educate our child in a country where it is still unpopular to make such a decision, and for us home educating means freedom. Home education opened our world up to new knowledge, to new connections, to new people, and to various opportunities. 

In making the decision to home educate, we stripped ourselves and children of the expectation of how education is supposed to look like in our world.

We gifted our child the beauty of an interest-led life. 

We embarked on experiences that last a lifetime and make memories from the mundane of every day to the grand view from another state.

This freedom to choose brings so much joy 

This freedom to express brings laughter 

This freedom to become bring fulfillment 

This freedom to experience births curiosity 

This freedom to explore births creativity

Although this freedom is not without its challenges, we constantly challenge ourselves to stay true to who we are, embrace the journey, be confident in what we stand for, pursue our convictions and most importantly every day, come as we are.