You might recall that I wrote about TTC baby no 2 sometime last year and honestly by the end of the year I was tapped out. Like when you have a child already and you decide to just still try but focus on the one you have right? That's the place that I was at.

Prior to that time, I had tried like everyone TTC using my apps that track my cycle to track my ovulation and tried using some herbal drug but since it wasn't working for over a year I just decided I didn't want the pressure.

One day, I was watching a Vlog by AdannaDavid and she was sharing her journey to her 3rd pregnancy and seeing how she planned it and all. What was most fascinating to me was she talked about Ovulation kits. I had seen those before but I just concluded that it was too complicated for me to try and I mean, I had my app, this time I decided to give it one last shot.

I bought the ovulation kit and started using it and yes it eventually became complicated because I wasn't even sure which day was positive or even if we had sex on a positive day. I just know we tried our best and after tracking for like 3-4 days I just gave up.

This was in December 2020. Went about the holidays not thinking of anything, had fun and January, planned our homeschool for 2021 and went about our business. 

We planned a trip to Abuja in January and all the while I had a cold and felt sick. 

Steam inhalation

I was almost convinced I had C-19 and because I hadn't missed my period at the time, I didn't think too much about pregnancy (although it crossed my mind) the sick feeling was there on our first few homeschooling trips this year that I felt I was going to pass out, still convinced I had the virus, did hot water inhalation and all but then I missed my period.

I took a test, sent a message to Hubby like "Is this real?" 😂 as much as I wanted it, I just never expected it. 

Like the ton of bricks, it hit me harder... Not the news the sickness! 

Feeling Sick

Next, we would talk about the first trimester! 

The app I use to track my ovulation: Flo