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5 things I learnt after my baby's first fall || The Cuddle Blog

This is the most terrifying thing I have had to go through in all my 7 months of motherhood. It shook me!

I had just finished bathing for my 5 month old - at the time- and I dropped him to get something, he wasn't rolling over yet so I assumed that a few seconds won't hurt the next thing I knew, I heard a cry, turned and saw my naked baby on the floor - that image is etched in my memory.

I lifted him quickly and he stopped crying but I couldn't stop crying- That ugly-face-sobbing kind of cry. It was very terrifying. My husband, heard me cry and came into the room, I told him why I was crying, he took the baby and prayed for him while I picked up my phone to check Google.

I read that I should check his use of the hands and legs, if his pupil is the same size, if he is not sleepy or vomiting. I checked and checked again, he appeared fine and was laughing already but I was convinced that I had ruined him by making him fall, for the next couple of days, every thing he did - like twitch or spit up - I attributed it to the fall in my mind. I was drowning in guilt and ashamed of myself for letting my baby fall off the bed. Then I spoke to my Mum and Sister.

My Mum told me to check his head and make sure he is not crying when I touch any part of his head and if he is fine, I should just let it go and not beat myself up over it.
My sister told me of her experience and said "Don't worry, there will be more falls" and further told me not to feel guilty about it anymore. I kinda let it go after about a week. It wasn't very easy though.

Here's a few things I learnt from that experience.

  • If your child is not rolling over yet, just assume he/she is and put a pillow around them if you will look away for even a second. 
  • One second is enough for a child to do something swiftly, it's so shocking. You'd wonder how they get the speed. 
  • Always have an eye on your baby.
  • Let there be a padding on the sides of you bed incase your baby does fall. A rug or foot mat, anything so he/she doesn't land on the bare floor.

and if your baby eventually falls down....
  • If your baby is physically alright, STOP WORRYING!!! YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM!!!!

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Please tell me, When was your baby's first fall? How did you handle it?


  1. Blessings.......
    Wow its been a while so let me start by saying Congratulations on your child's birth and a belated "Welcome to Motherhood." Here is a lesson i learn quickly. I always had a play pen on the ground or a designated area on the ground to put my child so if they roll they simply roll from one place to another with no fear of falling. Secondly you sister is right, there are many falls to come. Thirdly you are right, you have to keep a eye on them always, once they start moving they move quickly. The most importantly always check behind you before you move, they have a tendency to be right up under you without you being aware and when you turn you can knock them over.

  2. Hello Tomi. Wow. I love what you do. You inspire mums who really need support as these times. Mums like me. I have a toddler and another baby on the way! So you can imagine how that really is!
    My son had his first fall before he started working and i felt guilty to my bones. I didnt imagine he could be that fast! One minute, he was on the bed and the next minute he was trying to reach for something on the cabinet beside the bed not knowing or minding the space between the bed and cabinet. Next thing i know was a fall before i could reach out. He had a swollen face because his head hit the cabinet before he fell. You could imagine my anguish. I kept rubbing it out of my naiveity and it only kept getting bigger and began to sore...until i was told to use iceblock for the swelling.
    Its a really long guilt trip for first time mothers...truth is , he has fallen so much more since the incident that it became a norm. Lol. I somehow even believe that falling part of growing.
    Once again, well done for keeping hope alive.

  3. Sorry, i meant before he started walking, not working. (He was still crawling as at that time)