I'm falling in love with exploring out-of-state places, just hope the roads will be safer but till then we will go by the train where we can go.

Olumo rock is a massive outcrop of granite rocks of primitive formation from which Abeokuta the capital of the state derived its name.

The rock is a historical monument that served as shelter and fortress for the Egba people who in 1830 had settled under the rock during the intercity wars. The rock is a monument of faith, unity. source of strength and unfailing protection for Ebga people.

The highest point of the rock is 137 meters above sea level with the existence of a muster tree growing for over 200 years and surrounding caves.

Olumo rock tourist complex has modern infrastructures of a heavy-duty glass escalator running through the different levels of the rock with a well-constructed stairway for visitors with a phobia for climbing mountains. Also, included are an eatery/restaurant, a museum, conference hall, multi-purpose hall, garden, parking space, and a heavy-duty generator 

Source: ogunstate.gov.ng 

The kids of course have not been to Olumo Rock before so, the trip was for them we just tagged along to make sure they don't jump from the top of the rock 😏 They HAD FUN! They might not know the history behind the tourist site but the memories of those stairs they climbed will not be forgotten. It was after that they knocked out but they were absolutely delighted to experience it and if not for anything they came to see their mama's hometown and learn what "Okuta" means.

What we loved about the place: 

We loved first that it was easy to access, the views of the place is such a great experience, loved that they had enough tour guides at every landing to help tell you about the history of the place and there's enough space to picnic with the family, side attractions of the display of African arts. The kids loved the "Big giant rocks" and "The stairs" 

What we did not like: 

Having to come down at the gate to pay for gate fee and you have to hold cash. The elevator is not working (for as long as I've known its not worked), the place can be more maintained because it's a hot spot and the first point of call when you hear tourist attraction in Abeokuta, I think they can do better. The kids didn't like it because "The rocks felt like it will crash on me" 😂 

Price breakdown

Train Economy 2k Adult 1k Kids

Cab from Laderin (train station in Abeokuta) 1k

Olumo Tour 1k Adult 500 for 5years old free for 4 years old cuddles (Swipe to see the full list) 

Food 100 rice/portion 1k Turkey

Plan a holiday trip you can go on a day trip because there is a train for 8am and in the evening too (not sure of the time though) and by 2pmish we were done.


I think it is still a very worthwhile experience to give yourself and your kids. It gets a 3.5/5 Cuddly loves. 

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