When I heard about the train from Lagos to Ibadan, I knew exactly what our next adventure was going to be. I quickly went to Google to start my research to find all the information I needed, how much I was to budget and all. 

Here was the list of potential things to do we came up with;

Our focus was to do things that we couldn't find to do in Lagos ordinarily, things peculiar to Ibadan and outdoors, which is what guided my choice.  

We planned to spend 5 days in Ibadan Tuesday - Sunday but then we realized when we got to Ibadan that there was no train ride on Sunday which meant we had just 3 days to explore so we cut our list down to (Click to read reviews of these places) [This has changed since the train station was launched]

Our train ride was awesome. We had an amazing/smooth trip from Lagos to Ibadan - Click to read about it here - and we stayed with my cousin for the days we were around in Akobo. 

Our Budget: 

I had a budget of 40,000 for the trip but didn’t end up spending up to that; here is a breakdown. 

Trip to Ibadan: 7,500 (Took the business class)

Cab from Train ride to Town: 4,000 

Cab to and from Agodi - 2,200 

Entrance fees of both places - 3,000 (Read review to see breakdown) 

Food/Snacks: 3,400 - I was a bit excessive 

Trip from Ibadan: 3,750 (Economy class) 

Total: 23,850 

Things that reduced my cost a bit; 

  • My cousin drove us to the zoo so we saved on the cost of taxi. 
  • I took the trip with my sister so we split the bills on taxi 
  • Stayed with my cousin, so we didn’t pay hotel bills.

What didn’t go as planned: 

We stayed home on our last full day because we found out that you can’t just waltz into IITA, you have to be lodged there to see their facility and we were not sure the children would be able to appreciate the museum that was the alternative so we stayed home, chilled and took a walk around the neighborhood.

What I would do differently: 

  • Arrange pick up from the train place in Ibadan (Moniya), it might have been cheaper than the taxis there.
  • Find out more details on the places to visit before making concrete plans 

What other things do you think can be done with kids in Ibadan?