2020 was a difficult homeschool year for us because just like everyone we canceled all our field trip plans so when we saw that there was an opportunity to take the train we jumped on it. 

The Nigerian rails recently started working and there’s been different news about how wonderful it was and knowing that my son loves trains, we had to explore it. 

The train in Yaba goes to Ibadan and Abeokuta, we have family in Ibadan which made it an easy choice for us. 

Did a lot of research online and got very helpful information and also asked from people who I knew had taken the train before. One thing that was different is not enough information is said about riding the train with kids. 

Let’s talk about that. 

Lagos to Ibadan Train Schedule. 

The Train goes from Lagos - Abeokuta - Ibadan and is always on schedule. 

From Lagos 

Weekdays - 8 am & 4 pm 

Saturdays - 8 am & 6 pm 

Sunday - 8 am & 4 pm 

Like I mentioned, the train leaves right on schedule and takes about an hour+ to get to Abeokuta, stops for about 5 mins and it’s 2.5 hours to Ibadan. Leaves at 8 am and gets to Ibadan at 10:30 am exactly. It was so impressive to see how on the schedule they are. 

Because they are always on schedule, they start selling tickets at about one hour to departure and once you purchase your ticket you can proceed to board the train.  

Prices of the class of tickets. 

There are Economy, Business and First class tickets 

Economy - 2,500 

Business Class - 5,000 

First Class - 6,000 

With children 

In economy, you get 50% off the price for your child but if you are in business class, you would have to pay full price for the child, except the child is below 3. 

Things to note generally

  • Get there early.  
  • The trip is 2.5 hours so you have to have snacks, entertainment, or hope your child sleeps.

  • You are allowed one luggage 
  • The terminal is still under construction so be prepared to carry your load from where you buy the ticket to where you board the train. If you are with a child by yourself it might be a lot because it’s not so smooth. Try to travel light. 

  • The Train gets soooo cold, like really cold. Take an extra jacket for yourself and your child. 

  • Arrange for your pick up or budget between 5k - 10k at Ibadan for the taxis you find at the terminal. Depending on the part of Ibadan you are going to. 
  • Take a form of ID to get your ticket. 


It was a really smooth ride, the coaches were neat, the staff friendly - very little interaction though- the children were so excited and we can’t wait to do it again. I have to commend whoever is responsible for this alternative mode of transportation because if it is maintained well in the long run, it will be a great option and hopefully it is extended into other parts of the nation. I would highly recommend you take your kids on the train, it's a great experience

P.S: If you just want to go for your kids to look around I would advise you to go really early when the train is not ready to board passengers, I think they would be open for kids to look around before they start selling tickets for passengers. 

Have you taken the train, what did you think of your experience?

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