Hello People! 

Welcome back to our  52 weeks theme-based toddler homeschooling series! This week we are going to be exploring 5 senses. 

What was our plan?
Monday: Counting the number of senses we have
- Read the 5 senses book 
- Explore Feeling & Tasting with texture board, Cold & Hot water, taste board - Sweet, salty, sour bitter 
- Jacob & Esau 

- Explore Sight & Smell 
- "I see.." Sensory bag
- Smell tray - Thyme, flower, onions
- What do I see nature walk 

- Reading the 5 Senses book
- Exploring Hearing with Piano, Guitar, Shaker, Rattle 
- Playground 
- Book reading

What Happened?

We started the week with a nature walk.....

We saw a caterpillar on the playground.

Let the exploring begin

Feel Cards 
How to make feel card:

What you need:

  • A piece of old carton box 
  • loose items with texture (I used, Pom poms, beans, foam, feathers, plaster, cotton wool, popsicle sticks, stretchy side of straw)
  • Glue 
Direction: Glue everything on the board and let it dry and let them feel. 

We talked about his sense of feeling, the different textures, vocabulary building and understanding the concept of touching. He enjoyed this one but I was there as he was almost removing the items from the board. 

 Taste Board:
What you need;

  • 4 small bowls 
  • Items to taste (Salty, sweet, sour, bitter) Use any one you have at home 
  • Let your child taste away and have fun with their reaction. 
I used sugar and my son finished it, he distinguished between bitter and sour. This was a fun activity for me watching him 

Day 2: Sight and Smell

Sight Sensory Bag
What you need;
  • Ziploc 
  • A4 paper either with printed or drawn items they can identify. (I drew mine because I wanted to be sure my son could identify without all the colours
  •  Rice. 

  • Put the A4 in the Ziploc and paste it inside with a tape. 
  • Put rice inside to cover the A4 paper
  • Close Ziploc and seal to the ground, and let them discover the items. 
  • Let them know they can see with their eyes!
We played "I see" in the house and on the nature walk. You can add a layer of "touch what you see" 

Smell Tray
I used 
  • Onions
  • Mint leaves
  • Thyme 
  • Flower
Talked about our sense of smell and how we smell with out nose. After this I confused my son who knew how to blow is nose before, now he just breathes in. Lol.

I see Sun!

Day 3: Hearing 

The book we read all week

We made musical instruments 
  • Guitar 
  • kazoo
  • Rattle 
We used pages from a science book.


What you need; 
  • Paper plate 
  • beans or anything that can make a sound 
  • Stapler 
  • Put the beans (or your item) in the paper plate 
  • Sandwish it with a stapler and shake, shake, shake


What you need; 
  • 1 bowl 
  • 5 rubber bands
  • Cellotape 
  • Put the rubber band around the bowl
  • Tape the sides of the rubber band 
  • String away
Another variation is put a napkin in the bowl and see how the sound changes. 


What you need
  • Tissue tube
  • Tissue 
  • Paper 
  • Make a small hole on the tissue tube 
  • Put the paper over the end of the tube and secure it with the rubber band 
  • And blow away. 
Another fun thing is to let them put their hands on the other end and feel the vibration