"Do homeschoolers go on break?"

I have always wondered about this question. In our homeschool we have 2 days in a week for free play (Tuesdays & Thursdays) and that's because I know how vital free play is to a growing child which is why we incorporated into our schedule.

Why are there mid-term breaks? and long holidays? In a traditional school, I think because children spend most of their time in school they have those breaks to ensure that they get to spend more time with their parents or they feel that after the long weeks of academic work and learning children need a break from the stress of homework, preparing for exams, writing exams etc. so they need to do other things asides from academics to relax.

Thinking about this deeply, is there really a time a child is not learning?

In a homeschooling setting, we are the parent, we are the "teacher" so I think the break should be more for the parent right? But since there is no break from parenting, I don't think there is every a break from homeschooling.

Like I read in Wild+free book, "homeschooling is like enhanced parenting."

While we may not be able to take a break, we can only choose to take things slow on some days and take as much me-time as we can to help us rejuvenate.

It was mid-term season this past week and we took the opportunity to take things very slowly by planning 3 fun trips out of our regular routine and while I should be able to say that it was a good break, it wasn't because it was more exhausting for me but I drew energy for how much fun my son had.

Here are some of the things we got up to!

Monday: We went to Upbeat! There wasn't so much to do there as I didn't want to jump so he had to play at the soft play area which he got tired of real quick

Next: We went to Landmark Beach. This was so much more fun for him because he could swim and jump in the bouncing castle and they had another play area for kids! It was indeed fun.

Finally we went to Mindscape museum and this place is the bomb.com and I am coming back to do a proper review post of that place! Can't wait to share!

What are your thoughts on mid-term break? Do you go on breaks in your homeschool?