Hi People,

We were so excited for the independence day, I was particularly excited because it meant I would get to introduce Nigeria to my toddler and today, you can learn what we did today;

Welcome back to our  52 weeks theme-based toddler homeschooling series! Welcome back to our  52 weeks theme-based toddler homeschooling series! This week we are going to be exploring Nigeria!

What was our plan?
- Numbers in different languages 
- Read "My Nigeria" 1 
- Green Sensory Bottle 
- Fine motor activity with green water beads 

- Nigeria themed sensory bin
- Create a flag
- My Nigeria 2
- Fun facts about Nigeria 

- Water Play - Mix 2 colours to form green
- My Nigeria book 3 
- Giant flag of Nigeria 
- Tower of Babel 

Circle time songs 
- Nigerian Anthem 
- Labe Igi Orombo 

What did we get up to? 

We started off the day with circle time and he was so excited and the weather was favourable on this day so we went to "school" outside! 
Get in some sunshine and read a book in the park

 This "My Nigeria" book talks about the people, culture and places in Nigeria and in this series this was the one that was toddler friendly as it had more relatable images and simpler facts about Nigeria.

Simple facts you can read to them 

He was able to identify some of the foods. 
We made a Nigerian flag inspired sensory bottle: 

What is needed 
  • Bottle 
  • Green glitters or random items (not food colouring) 
  • Cotten wool 
  • Water 
Add everything in a bottle, seal it up and let them play. 

Green white Green

Fine Motor activity: 

 What is needed?

  • 2 small bowls 
  • Tong
  • Waterbeads (or any green loose item) 
Let them transfer from left to right with the tong.

Mess is expected

Opportunity to learn to clean up after yourself 

Nigeria Themed sensory bin: 

What is needed
  • Green coloured rice 
  • Flour
  • Tray 
  • Different items for play 
To make coloured rice you need: 
  • Rice 
  • Green food colouring
  • Vinegar 
Add the rice in a ziplock, add drops of food colouring and a table spoon of vinegar and mix, pour in a tray to dry and enjoy a base for your sensory bins. 

Nigeria's Flag 
What is needed? 
  • White square cardboard
  • Craft stick
  • Glue 
  • Green paint
  • pain brush 

 My son can do some of these things himself now, so I let him. I start by showing him and doing a few strokes then he takes over, however he then expresses it is totally acceptable.

Our creations for that morning.

This talks about the making of Nigeria, abit too advanced for toddlers but suitable for like 6-7

Green Moonsand: 
  • Garri (got the idea from my time @familymeetups
  • Cornflour 
  • Water with drops of green colouring 
  • A Tray to Mix 
  • Gloves if you don't want your hands stained 
  • Love for your child(Ren) because what are you doing mixing garri and cornflour together for?

  • If you use 2 parts of garri use one part corn flour and add water till your desired 'sand' look. You get?
  • So, pour the garri on a tray, open it like a doughnut and add the cornflour, mix mix mix till, then open like a doughnut and add water little by little till you get your desired sand look alike

Science experiments with green colour:
What we needed?

  • Baking soda 
  • Blue & Yellow food colouring 
  • 2 small bowls
  • Vinegar
Experiment 1: Put drops of blue and yellow in a bowl, add baking soda and pour vinegar into it. It will sizzle out the green colour 

Watch them marvel at it. We did this about 3 times! 
Experiment 2: Mixing 2 colours; 
 Put the 2 colours in the different bowls, and pour them out together on a tray and see how they mix to form green!

The last book in the series is about the early history.

I got the books from bookwormcafe. 

What other random thing did we get up to? 
Magnet and pins

Outdoor evening walks
All in all it was a great week and I am sure he had so much fun. I won't say my son is now a Nigeria expert or knows anything about independence but we know that at this stage, awareness is the goal and I would say we did just that! 

Have you spoken to your child about Nigeria before? What activities can you use to emphasise the learning?