Hello Everyone and welcome!!!!

If you have been following me on social media (Why are you not following by the way?) you'd know I have been doing a count down to our product launch and I am so happy to announce to you that we are READY!! 

Introducing: The Cuddly Teepee Tent!!! 

My Journey to creating this product: 

I really wanted something like this tent for my son and the only option was for me to make it myself or order it from Amazon and I honestly didn't want to stress over it with overseas order and all, so I decided to make it here myself. 

While I was planning to make it, I had a crazy thought... "What if other mums will be interested in this?" I decided to go ahead anyways, called up my sister who helped me through this process (Shout out to you Tosin) and we planned. I got a carpenter, tailor, bought the fabric and did all the measurements with my husband, took the pictures and voila... Tent! Lol. 

If only it was that easy. The process took about 3-5 months and we are even behind schedule of when I wanted to launch but I am grateful for this moment right here. Because, of the nature of the product and not knowing how viable it will be I decided that I will go on the pre-order model and open it up for pre-order for the next month before we go into production. 

I am excited about this new journey which I didn't plan when I opened this blog but we go where the journey leads us. In the next couple of weeks we would launch another product... yes!! I am just going to be offering things I wanted to make for my son - because I feel it will be beneficial to him - incase if there are mums who wished someone offered it and can't make it themselves! 

Here's to 2019! Here's to happy motherhood! Here's to raising well rounded children!! 

So, Let's talk teepee!! 

What is The Cuddly Teepee Tent?

 The Cuddly Teepee Tent is an indoor and outdoor teepee tent for kids. It is a play tent specially made for kids where they can have their space and play area.

Benefits of The Cuddly Teepee Tent;

  • Your child will have a place of their own: As they grow older and coming into a sense of who they are sometimes they need their own space and what better place than a cozy little corner that blocks out everyone and gives them some privacy? and the great part is they are not unsupervised. 
  • Imaginative play: A teepee can help boost your child's imagination. Kids use imagination to help figure the world around them and there are few things to spark the imagination of a child than a secret hideout. Imagination improves when you encourage creative play and a kids teepee can contribute to that. When they are using their imagination, they are effectively using their brain power which can improve speech and narrative skills in kids. 
  • Physical movement and motor skills development: For younger kids who may be unsteady on their feet, a play teepee offers them a play structure without any risk of falling. Kids can practise crouching, crawling, bending as they enter and exit the tent. For older kids, fine motor development can be practiced as well. Tying and untying the door flaps gives them practice with making bows and knots.
  • A reading nook: The teepee can be used as a reading nook to encourage your kids to sit for longer periods reading a book. 
What Are The Features Of The Cuddly Teepee Tent? 

The Cuddly Teepee Tent is made from 4 wooden pole, clothed in beautiful ankara fabric, it has a window on the side, strings to tie the door, patchwork play mat and throw pillows.

The Cuddly Teepee Tent comes with the following;
  1. 4 Wooden Poles (70'' Long)
  2. 1 Cuddly Ankara Patchwork Play Mat (36" X 36'')
  3. 3 Throw Pillows Fit For Kids 
  4. 1 Carry-on Bag For Packaging (Not Pictured) 

The Cuddly Teepee is officially open for pre-order for the next one month.  From December 19 - January 19, 2019 

What are we offering and how much will it be?

We are offering the Ankara patchwork play mat and pillows for N15,000 and The Cuddly Teepee Tent for N35,000

For the Pre-order period, we would be offering a 14% discount when you use the code "CUDDLELAUNCH" at checkout. How is that for an introductory gift? 


How can you place your pre-order? 

We have also launched our online shop (Dancing emoji) and you can place your order via the link. You can check out the shop and see the products we have to offer. We are using the rave platform as our payment platform, you can be assured that the gateway is secure.

 I have also uploaded all our free resources there too and you can get the download.

How long after pre-order will the products be ready?

I plan to break it into 2 batches depending on how many orders we get. After the first 15 days, we will go into production (which takes about 2 weeks) and after that it will be ready for shipping.

Will shipping be free? Will it be available nationwide? 

We would ship Nationwide and shipping will not be free, we didn't add the shipping cost to the online shop because we wanted it to be based on location and will be remitted directly to the company. We are still figuring this part out and we are open to suggestions. However, there would be option to pick up for those resident in Lagos. 

I am really excited about this and I am hoping these series of products will be helpful to Mums out there. Please, feel free to ask your questions (if you have any) below and we would get to it. 

Thank you all for your usual support. Please, share this post to a mum who might be interested! Thank you!!!!