The Homeschooling Conversations event was birthed to bridge the existing knowledge gap and create awareness in the areas of homeschooling and other effective alternatives to the traditional
mode of education.

When I first started to homeschool my son, as a naive mum who has no early years  educational background I had to do alot of research, talk to a number of people who were doing what I wanted to do, before I got on the right track. If I had an event like this in the early days of my homeschooling it would have been a time saver. 

This is why we the people at The Cuddle Blog decided to put this event together!

Our speaker

Chinyere Ogunbi

Mrs. Chinyere Ogunbi is an honors graduate of pharmacy from the University of Jos Pharmacy school (Graduated in 1996). She has had a career spanning over 18 years which includes pharmacy, banking, brand marketing and consulting in the education space.  Mrs. Ogunbi is happily married with 5 children whom she homeschooled in their early years. She currently has a Master of Education Leadership in view from the prestigious Roehampton University in the United Kingdom. Mrs. Ogunbi is a sports enthusiast who loves to read and loves singing. She also loves to teach and is a marriage counselor and catechism teacher. 
I decided to invite Mrs Ogunbi because she successful homeschooled her 5 children in this country and we can all acknowledge that is no small feat and the work she did with her children was enough criteria to earn her a master's admission in the UK isn't that amazing? She will be talking to us about her journey through homeschooling and the process of beginning the journey.

Seun Akinbola

Sheun is an early childhood educator and has worked with children for many years. An advocate of play guiding caregivers (schools, teachers, parents, nannies, etc) on ways to help children in their care learn through play because PLAY IS THE WORK OF A CHILD.
 She is a stay at home mum of two, currently homeschooling her 16month old son and enjoys being her 4year old’s first teacher. She is a lover of Montessori and full of creative ideas to keep the little ones busy with an energy to match it.

Oluwatomi Nweke

With a first degree in Biochemistry and a second degree in International Oil and Gas Management, the last thing Tomi expected was to develop a deep seated passion for educating young minds. Tomi was a teacher at a highbrow school in Ikoyi, Lagos for 4 years where she gained invaluable experience. After having her first child, she quickly decided to homeschool her children and did that for 4 years. She is a firm believer of learning through play and believes that there is much more to education than numbers and letters. She has managed to teach her children with countless materials easily found within our environment. She is the mummy in charge of The Tree House Play House, a play club dedicated to providing a fun, engaging environment for children aged 5 and under.

We decided to bring these amazing women on the panel to discuss the challenges of homeschooling most especially because they have experience teaching in traditional schools and have also homeschooled their children. 

If you've been curious about homeschooling or desiring to homeschool this event is for you.

The event is taking place:
14th September, 2019
10 a.m
On the Island (Details of the location would be sent to registered guests)

 We have limited slots available and we can't wait to see you.
Please register via this link

We are also looking for sponsors, we are calling on individuals and brands who want to help us to bring this event to reality. We would appreciate it. We have a proposal ready to send to you, please contact us at or call +2347035362699