I heard about the mindscape museum from the founder of Key Academy and I was so glad we found the place. We've been there twice since we found the place and I am just here to pay it forward by telling you all about this amazing space in the heart of Lekki phase 1! 

First Impression!
I was impressed when I got into the compound, I didn't expect it to be as big as it was. I mean, when you go to different places in this Lagos for kids, they are so small and I was expecting a small space but I was surprised. They have enough parking space. I went there on a weekday and it was empty at first then people started coming later in the afternoon. 

Our Experience!
When we got in, I was blown away by how many activities there were for children. We went alone the first time we went but when I went with my sister and her daughter the 2nd time, we had a more fun experience. I would recommend going with someone else or if you have multiple children, that'd be great. 

Activities available for the kids to explore; 

They have; 

  • Glow in the dark room with shapes, colour and items children can identify and explore
  • Light table with magnetic tiles 
  • Bistro with faux food, money where the children can role play as chefs and make 'food' to sell 
  • Bank 
  • Veterinary
  • Supermarket
  • First responder
  • Cinema
  • Construction space
  • Reading corner 
  • Toddler space 
  • Transportation & Sewing 
  • Stem Cafe - This comes at an extra cost
  • Great outdoor space


What I loved most about the space: 

The space is absolutely incredible and the uniqueness of the activities and knowing that it is a great learning opportunity for your children. I love that you can stay till 5pm (if you want) literally play for the whole day and one of their major goals is to promote parental involvement and because of that they make it free for parents to access the facility. I also love that what the children are learning are life long lessons that will be valuable for them throughout their lifetime. I love that it is affordable for the value you get. 

What I didn't like: 

  • No one really explained about the space to us when we first got there, however the 2nd time they showed my sister around. 
  • It feels like they are not making an effort to keep the place alive. I really don't know but the space is an amazing place and it's been around for a while. I really hope they do keep the place alive. 
  • I didn't like that only my son was having so much fun, but on our second trip my sister found something to do while I watched the kids. Lol


They have a pretty affordable 

2,500 for 1 - 3 
3,500 for 3 and above
2,000 for Nannies or relations
Free for parents 
 Check out more details on their website: https://mindscapesmuseums.org/

Will I recommend them? ABSOLUTELY!!!! If you are looking for things to do in Lagos, this is an fantastic place to take your chi


Have you heard about them or visited? Please let me know what you think of them. 

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