I talk about circle time a lot and how we use it in our home. One of the questions I get is “What is Circle Time” We will talk about circle time in this post and all there is to know about it. 

So, What is Circle time? 

According to Wikipedia 

Circle time refers to any time that a group of people are sitting together for an activity involving everyone

Circle time is mostly used in schools as a way to promote social interactions among children, listening, increase attention span, physical activities and as a way to introduce new concepts and skills but who says it can’t be adapted to our homes? 

The benefits are still the same as with those in school as when you introduce circle time in your home, you are promoting social interaction, encouraging listening with your child(ren), increasing physical activities etc. It will be a set time for you to bond with your child(ten) while you engage in different activities or as a way to transition into a different part of your day. 

What’s a simple circle time routine?  

  • Say Hello or Sing the hello song.
  • Weather Song 
  • Different Action Songs 
  • National Anthem 
  • Theme song 
  • Read a book
  • Introduce what you might be working on in your homeschool that day 

It differs per person and family and you can be flexible with how yours go, just ensure that you incorporate activities that make them move, dance, listen, sit down. 

Things to note about circle time

  • Your child might not be interested at first and that is okay. Just keep doing it and inviting them to join you. One day you’d sing a song they like and they would join you. 
  • Let go of perfection. It won’t be perfect especially with younger kids, just be consistent. 
  • You have to plan ahead, you won’t know until when you are in the thick of things and all the songs you think you know are not coming to mind. 
  • Have a routine but also be flexible. Have some particular songs or activities you do that it predictable but also be flexible enough to listen to your child
  • Be focused. Put your phone away, attention span is very short and you can lose them quickly when they are not engaged. Don’t. 
  • Depending on the age of your child, circle time should not be for too long. 
What do you do in your circle time?