The NCF is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to sustainable development and nature conservation. It also serves as an area of biodiversity conservation and environmental awareness centre. The foundation aims to preserve Nigeria's species and ecosystems, promote sustainability when using natural resources and advocates actions that minimise the impact on the environment and prevent resource wastage. ⠀

This is the second time we are going to LCC, the first time I wasted my money as my son ran away as soon as he saw the monkeys and in his defence, I never prepared him for it and since then he's been asking for the monkeys, so when the opportunity to hang out with a fellow homeschooling mama came up, I jumped on it!⠀

When you get to LCC, you have to pay and wait for the tour 'crowd' to be plenty before you go for the tour, the tour guide will then give you a pep talk about what to expect and how they don't tame their animals, so what you see is what you get. Lol. then you commence the tour, the walk was really really long and walking with a toddler made it even longer and I didn't enjoy it at all because I wasn't a huge fan of the unpredictability of the place, like a monkey cam just jump out and stay beside you (this actually happened twice) but as soon as we got to the end of the walk I started to enjoy it.

The highlight for me watching the fishes as they came and gathered together, it was a delight to watch them in their habitat and an amazing thing happened while we were watching them s duck came and gulped one fish down its throat(come and stealth moves) we the crowd went wild. LOL.

love that they had environmental sustainability information around the environment, 

What I didn't like, there's the Naija syndrome of maintenance culture that is lost, while you have to give them kudos if you've been around for that long but they can do better sha. I also didn't like that as soon as the tour guide got to the canopy walk-way side he abandoned us that had children and couldn't go on the walkway, we literally guessed our way after that point. It was an adventure and the kids absolutely loved it!!!!

Things to note.

  • They close their gate to the public at 4:30 (but if you are already inside can stay till 6 pm), it says 5:30 online but it's not true. We were turned back the first time we went. 

  • You can also decide not to do the long walk, they have a back gate that takes you directly to the family park where the fishes are and you can have a lovely picnic.


Children: 200 (5>) Free for below 5
Student: 300
Adult: 1000 
Canopy: 1000 
Group (max 25): 25,000 

So, I literally paid 1k for this lovely outing! + 1k for uber (I live close by) 

Cuddly rating: 4 Cuddly loves