We visited the museum of natural history in OAU Ile-ife and according to leventisfoundation.org 

"It is the only Natural History museum in Nigeria, and its focus on natural -as well as cultural- history, provides information key to the wider understanding of the country’s resources and environmental future"

This was the first place we visited on our trip and I was very very impressed. 

What we loved about it: The place is so so rich, it has a vast catalog of nature and cultural elements in Nigeria. You can tell they put in ALOT of work to document and research into the museum. One thing that is so unique about them is that they "mummified"/wax-created the insects, and animals in there so you get to see what they actually look like. 

The documentation is very detailed. 

What we didn't like

A lot of these places could do with a bit more lighting so you can really appreciate the beauty.

It would've been perfect if there was a tour guide attached to explain more especially for the kids. 

It's so much information at once (In a good way) but if you are in Ile-ife, you can just do segments to focus on per visit because it's worth visiting multiple times. 

The place is not completely wheelchair accessible as there are stairs to complete the tour. I didn't see an alternative if they had. 

I loved that the skeletal system Cuddles and I talked about the weeks before came to life for him as he showed me the "spine". 


Per student: N100 

Adult: N200

Foreigner: N500 

Taking Pictures(Individual): N500 

Taking Pictures (Corporate): N2000 

Verdict: 4/5 Cuddly loves.

If you ever find yourself in Ile-ife, I highly recommend!