Welcome to my blog! My name is Tomi and after 5 months of having my baby, I transitioned to being a stay at home mum and when my son turned 18 months I started homeschooling in Lagos, Nigeria. I never knew it was possible.

The cuddle blog started out as a family lifestyle blog that explored my journey as a first-time mum but I have evolved and the present phase of my life affected what I blog about. Now, Cuddle Blog is a mummy lifestyle blog that focuses on stay-at-home mums and homeschooling mums as I share my journey of navigating through these waters in this region.

I write about my experiences trying to bring beauty out of the chaos and my journey to learning to balance these responsibilities. I do this first as a coping mechanism for myself, second to connect with other mums with similar experiences and finally because someone was there to hold my hand when I needed it the most and I am hoping this blog can be a virtual hand to someone else who needs it.

Please, tell me a little about you!