Here are a list of 3 things that I am loving right now.

  1. Sleep Suits: I absolutely love sleep suits because, Laziness and less laundry. Sleep suit is just one piece of cloth but if I have to dress normally for him I would have at least 3-4 piece of clothing on him. Onesie, trousers, top and socks as against just this one item - Bliss! But unfortunately, I can't fill his wardrobe with sleep suits - Ish

  2. Coconut Oil: I absolutely love the smell and the benefits of using coconut oil on his hair but much more than that, I loveeeee when someone smells it on him and I'm just there feeling a super mama using all natural products for her baby. Hey!! Look at me!!!! I'm making all the right decisions.
  3. Shea Butter: I love how it has multiple functions, he had a bit of rash and i used the shea butter, I use it for his hair, I use it for my own skin, I don't need another daiper cream. I mean, if your relationship is broken just put some shea butter on it. 

What are the things you are loving right now?