I am a big fan of movies. Comedy, thriller, drama and romcoms are my go-to movies.  I would've loved Nigerian movies on this list but unfortunately we have not started creating themed family movies yet. In the process of creating this list, I found out that there are different genres of christmas movies (Horror, R18 etc) but since we are in the Christmas spirit and in the mood of creating Christmas family traditions I have come up with a list of family Christmas movies to watch.

The Grinch;

Age 9+ 

"What parents need to know is this imaginative version of Dr. Seuss' beloved classic may be too intense and scary for the youngest or most sensitive kids. Ominous music accompanies the Grinch and his cartoon trouble making in multiple scenes. Jim Carrey, behind a rubbery green face, is the master of cackles and distorted facial expressions. A heroic little girl is in danger more than once. Kids who understand the difference between the real and the fantastical will delight in the chaotic, very funny mayhem. So will grown-ups. There are a few moments of crude humor along the way (i.e., the Grinch sticks his butt out and says, "Pucker up and kiss it," and several males ogle a buxom woman)" Common Sense Media

White Christmas; 
Age 6+

"Parents need to know that one musical number rhapsodizes nostalgically about minstrel shows. But viewers don't see any blackface makeup or overt racist images; it's just verbal gags, and kids who don't know the history won't realize the degrading black stereotypes that gave rise to the patter." Common sense media

Get Santa; 
Age 10+ 

"Parents need to know that Get Santa is a British Christmas comedy about a son whose father, freshly released from prison, is determined to stay out of jail for good but finds himself tempted to break the law when the real Santa lands himself in jail and needs help. There are scenes about toughing it out in jail, divorced parents, childhood dysfunction that leads to a life of crime, some brawling, high-speed chases, a "hell" and an "oh, God" here and there, a punch or two, and a lot of rule- and law-breaking, all justified in the interest of saving the day. There's rude humor throughout, including reindeer who communicate exclusively by farting and a gun that shoots reindeer poop directly on a woman's face. Nothing terribly egregious, but the more mature themes and frequent prison setting probably make it best for older kids." common sense media

Mickey's once upon a Christmas;

Age 3+

"Parents need to know that this trio of holiday stories features many Disney favorites. The tales stress positive messages about love, caring, the spirit of giving, and the magic of the season. Parents should note that in the second story Max's neighbor tells him that there's no such thing as Santa. The tale's ultimate message is that  Santa is real because we believe in him, but the story could introduce a seed of doubt about Santa's existence"common sense media

Miracle on 34th Street; 
Age 6+
"Parents need to know that Miracle on 34th Street is a classic holiday tale with little objectionable content. The Macy's brand is a big focus, as is Santa over more religious aspects of the holiday. The little girl at the heart of the story, Susan (Natalie Wood), at first doesn't believe in Santa (because her mom has raised her as a realist) -- which could lead to questions from kids -- but ultimately she's proven wrong and becomes a stout believer in St. Nick " Common sense media


Age 8+
"Parents need to know Elf has some potty language and mild swearing ("pissed," "hell," "damn," etc.) and a few references to bodily functions, it's family friendly at its core. Even young kids will appreciate the humor inherent in this fish-out-of-water tale, although some might be upset that Buddy's mother died and that his father never knew about him. The few action sequences (galloping rangers chasing Santa in Central Park, a brief confrontation with a scary raccoon, and some scuffles in a department store) aren't really threatening, and no one is injured. Although the movie is 100% on board with the magic of Christmas, some characters shake their head and roll their eyes at the notion of Santa, and kids talk about the possibility of parents being the ones behind the presents. But the movie's overall message of the value derived from honesty, acceptance, and affection for all humanity is clear and positive" Common sense Media

Arthur Christmas; 

Age 5+ 
"Parents need to know that Arthur Christmas is a heartwarming animated holiday adventure that's a fine pick for the entire family. One brief scene of a group of startled wild animals and another of an angry homeowner wielding a gun may frighten very young kids, and there are a few jokes targeting parents -- like when Grandsanta explains that "in the old days," he once gave a double whiskey to an elf. But otherwise this movie provides a good reminder of the holiday spirit, family unity, and being generous" common sense media

Home Alone; 

Age 10+

"This is a good-natured, albeit unrealistic, family film that both kids and adults will enjoy if they're OK with the violence, profanity, and disrespectful behavior within the family. Its endearing story and a charming performance by Culkin make Home Alone a standout among the usual holiday movie fare. Without resorting to the all-too-adult double entendres that dominate current family films, this one focuses more on slapstick humor and innocence to convey its story. That said, that reliance on slapstick humor does means  it's chock full of semirealistic violence. It's not for the weak-stomached and definitely requires some major suspension of disbelief." Common sense media

Do you have any Family Christmas movie recommendation? Which of these movies have you watched? What are your thoughts?