Product: The Pampers Baby-dry promises up to 12 hours Dryness due to it's 3 layers of absorb channel, comfort with stretchy sides and breathability. Apparently, a few years ago they improved on the product to what you have now.

My first Reaction: I was angry. I wasn’t happy because I had sent for Molfix and the person got me Pampers and I decided to try it. When I opened the pack and touched one of the diaper, it was so light and I could feel the gel inside. I I read a few of the social media promotion reviews bloggers did online when they re-launched this product and it wasn't so bad but from my experience with the newborn version I wasn't expecting much.

What I love;
  • I love that the wings were short and it didn’t overlap which holds it in place even if it is full.

What I don’t like;
  • The first night it leaked, they promise a dry night on the pack and I wasn’t very happy about that and my son sleeps less than 12 hours.
  • I also didn’t like that the gel burst out of the diaper right before we took a bath which was definitely less than 12 hours- this happened just once though but it's something that shouldn't be happening.
  • It drops low and gets heavy when it's full.

Damage: For a large pack which lasts for about 3 weeks if you averagely change 3-4 times in a day, it costs 3600 which is not bad when you do the maths.


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Have you used this diaper before? What are your thoughts on it?