The cuddle blog is One!!! *does the shuffle* 
In honour of our one year anniversary, I would like to share my reason for starting this blog. 

Where I come from, we hide pregnancies. We don’t tell anyone except close family members until we can’t deny it anymore. Definitely a social media announcement is a no-no. I think in the days before it was mostly out of fear of people using diabolic means to hurt you or your child and I don’t blame them. We heard so many stories about that.  

Before I got married I was very open with my life (to some extent) but when you get married to a very private person the dynamics change. It took a lot of balancing acts to find out how much was too much information to share. When we got pregnant, it was a no brainer. My husband didn’t like his business out there, I knew but I still went ahead to design a pregnancy announcement, showed him and he then told me that he didn’t want to share it on social media. We were one the same page.

Ofcourse our families and few friends knew about the pregnancy. I discussed with my sister, my mum and my Dr about the things I was feeling but my experience was a bit different from theirs in some ways and asides the “oh, sorry, it will pass” there was no comfort in “I went through that too”

With the circumstance in which I gave birth to my baby, I really felt lonely on the journey. I couldn’t exactly process my thoughts in time before his birth and after - you simply don’t have time for yourself again. It took me about 2 - 3 months to get myself together. In that process of getting myself together, at the end of the day during those first few months, I would post a picture on my instagram page and just either rant or share what I am experiencing. I noticed a few of my friends who had walked the path before were able to advice me and even if it was just for laughs - it became the highlight of my day.

I was going through so many emotions at the same time and just sharing that bit during the day made me feel like I wasn’t alone on the journey. I then decided to start this blog. If I can be that person for someone else just as known and unknown people were for me over the internet, then I would be so happy.

We go through a lot as new mothers and it is very important we know that we are not on our own on this journey. This is what I hope this space will be about. A community of women sharing honest experiences so the next woman will know that she is not alone.

This is my Why!

What new venture did you recently start and why did you do it?