I have shared my journey to being a stay at home mum in Nigeria and for a long time it was never
something I was proud to say and always found a way to push every other thing I was into to the
forefront but with the help of @mums24 I have been able to find the courage to be proud of what
I chose to do.

In this past year of being a stay at home mum in nigeria, I noticed that while a lot of women do it,
many people still don’t understand it. In this article I am going to be sharing 2 of my struggles
of being a stay at home mum in this country;

  1. No one understands your decision: In a country where we are just catching on to the #FeminineMovement it makes no sense why any woman will now want to willingly submit herself to be only wife and mother. Why don’t you want to also be boss lady?  I mean many women are doing it, why should you be different? Different women become stay at home mums for different reasons and I think that we don’t have to understand it, we just have to respect it. Being a stay at home mum is a 24/7 job and I think more people need to understand that.
  2. The ones that understand your decision are forcing you to make money; Everywhere you turn and anytime “stay at home mum” is mentioned in this country, it is all in the bid to help her make money, to help her to be financially independent and not depend on her husband for money. The Idea of a stay at home mum is to “stay at home” not “work from home” not “side hustle mum” and I know there are people in different categories but I also KNOW that there are people who choose to really stay at home and only want to earn money when they are ready but really if you google any nigerian content on stay at home mums it will only be about “Make money” or comparing "woking mums and sahm" and make things even sadder, a popular nigerian female preacher literally called us “a colossal embarrassment” which is rather appalling.

There are tons of useful information for stay at home mums all over the world but by the content you see
in Nigeria you can already tell they are judging you! Lol. I really want to change that.
I have people who were so concerned for me and told me “You have to have something doing”
and I totally understand that it is all coming from a place of love but if we don’t put out more positive
content for stay at home moms how will everyone know?

Which is why I am going to be transitioning this blog to include stay at home mum
resources for the nigerian mum. The blog, in addition to our motherhood, pregnancy and
parenting content will become very stay at home mum focused.
I want to be part of the change of how nigerians see stay at home moms,
as not just women who need to be “fixed” but women who need to be celebrated.

Are you are stay at home mum in Nigeria, can you relate? please share what your struggles