It was the lagos mums 2018 parenting conference over the weekend and I was so excited to attend for the first time. The conference happened at the Habour point and while I got in a bit late, when they started the first session which was tagged: Parenting today - It starts with the parent which had Mr Lanre Olusola, Mrs Yetty Williams and Mrs Dakore Akande on the panel.
My excited face.
The summary of the session was;

  • For us to parent our children, we first need to parent ourselves. 
  • Our emotional and mental health is very important so we don't project it to our children. Get help where you need it, it is nothing to be ashamed about.
  • Have a vision for your family, the kind of home you want to create. The climate you want to have in your home and be mindful about making it happen. 
  • Parenting is about helping God to birth the mandate and destiny of your child, so they can do the same for their children too. 
  • You can change the atmosphere of your home with Music, laughter, joy 
  • They things you don't want your children to do, don't do it. 
  • The things you don't want your children to say, don't say it. 
  • The lifestyle you don't want your children to live, don't live it. 
  • Be an intentional parent. 
  • Invest in the formative years (0-7) years of your child to instill the right values in them. 
  • You are raising adults. First see them that way and walk backwards. 
  • Remember you are only a vessel. God is your childrens first father. 
The next session was on understanding millennials and generation z which had Mrs Abi Longe, Mr Taiwo Akinlami, Mrs Joy Isa and Dr Orode Doherty on the panel.  

The summary of the session was; 

  • When your children are approaching the adolescent age, you have to know what is normal for them at that age. Pushing boundaries, mood swings, mild experimentation. It is important when you know what is normal and what is not normal, so you know what to expect and when to ask for help. You choose your battles, don't show fear or disappointment.
  • Have a doctor for your children.
  • You cannot use analog minds to train digital minds. Don't victimize the internet, learn it so you can understand it to better position yourself to train your children. 
  • Don't restrict your children to the educational system. They must go through personal development. 
  • The internet can accelerate mental illness. Let there be a balance. 
  • The world has become a global village. The world is pushing the moral boundries and our children are exposed to all these things. It is important we instill the right values in them. What do you as a parent believe in because your children are either a victim or beneficiary of your value system
  • We are raising super brains. 
  • Allow them make their mistakes.
  • When you start parenting adults the life you live is what they would be looking at. 
  • Have conversations with them and let them know the "why". 
  • It is not about you or the joneses - let them go, allow them.

The next session was on financing the future which had Mrs Tosin Fowowe, Miss Arese Ugwu and Mrs Bowale Agboade on the panel.

The summary of the session was;
  • Teach your kids the value of money. From the age of 2-4 let them start saving in a piggy bank. 
  • By the age of 6 they can do extra chores around the house to get money. 
  • Women need to save to build and not save to spend. 
  • Remember, you will lose money but you will also gain. Go through the process. 
  • The family as a unity need to come together to map out what everyone will do to contribute financially to the home. 
  • The aim to raise financially literate children who understand the value of money and are not entitled.
  • There are other life lessons they learn when they decide to become kid entrepreneurs e.g negotiation skills, communication skill etc.  
  • As women we must become financially literate and take advantage of investment opportunities 

The next session was on healthy living which had Tamara Egbedi, Rayo Abe, Patrick Ijewere and Damola Ladejobi on the panel. 

The summary of the session was;

  • Be mindful when you eat. 
  • Eat for nutrition and not to be full
  • Take responsibilities for your health. 
  • You don't only get things into the body through the mouth. You also get things into the body through, the nose, skin and genitals. Read labels on the things that go into your body. Your body cream, food, air freshner etc. anything that you cannot pronounce should not be made use of. 
  • Buy organic and eat fresh. 
  • You mind, your thoughts and spiritual health also contribute to your health and wellness.
  • Walk in nature. 

The final session was on parents keeping it real which had Kehinde Nwani, Stephen Omojuyigbe, Chika Okorafor Aneke, Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi on the panel. 

At this point, I was having a very terrible headache and wasn't really paying attention but they generally had discussions about the changes in the world with regards to kids, dealing with homosexuality and answering questions from teenage children. One of the main things I took away is for us the parents if we find ourselves in any situation to not shame the child in any way, remove the act committed from the person, deal with the issue and not with the person. 

There were a verity of vendors- with discounted prices and product samples, jollof rice was provided by Maggi and water by nestle.

All in all, I had an amazing time and learnt a lot and a conference I would love to attend again. Did you attend the conference? What did you learn?