Hello People! This is week 5 of our 52-week theme-based activities 

Here was our plan over the week;

  • Numeracy: Count toy cars
  • Science: Rolling down the ramp
  • Craft: Painting with tyre tracks, making an aeroplane with craft sticks, traffic light
  • Fine motor skills: Cutting patterns
  • Gross motor skills: Fly around like an aeroplane
  • Cooking: Apple boat
  • Books to read: My big book on transportation
  • Trip: Traffic light
  • Screen:
  • Music: Wheels on the bus, red light, green light.
  • Bible: Jesus rode on a donkey

What happened: 
This was probably my son's best week. From observing my son I knew that he loves cars, wheels and I was also excited for this week because I just wanted to see how he was going to respond to something he was interested in and I was amazed!

Let's see what we actually did, shall we?

Setup for Day 1
 As always, our routine stands we added "Wheels on the bus" to our circle time.

We counted his toy cars.

Craft: Painting with Tyre tracks.

Materials needed

  • A car
  • Paint
  • Paper Plate/Cardboard 
  • Put your paint on a flat surface or paint the tyres of the car with a brush 
  • Give the car to your child and let them create a masterpiece

Traffic Light: 

Materials needed;
  • One Craft Stick 
  • Glue 
  • 1 Paper Plate
  • Coloured Pen/Pencil & Paint 
  • Draw the 3 circles to depict the traffic lights 
  • Paint red, yellow, green
  • Glue the craft stick to the back of the paper plate 
  • Talk to your child about their creation. 
This activity can be used to introduce the significance of each colour in relation to transportation, can be used to colour introduction & identification. Your child is expressing themselves creatively and learning in the process.

We flew around the house like an aeroplane.

Book: We read my big book on transportation to identify all the modes of transportation. Car, Taxi, Cart, Boat, Aeroplane and he was absolutely mesmerized by it. He just kept opening and identifying it all. His Favourite is "Twuk" I had to collect the book from him as he tore some part of the book. 

We pointed at all the traffic lights as we drove past. 
Bible: We read the story of Jesus riding on a donkey - He didn't even sit to listen.
Other activities we did: 

Invitation to play
Pom Poms in a bottle

Using a tong to transfer

We reused out traffic light paper plate. Using a spoon.

Nature and Identification of what we saw in the book

Soap Water


It was so much fun to see him have so much fun. I was absolutely amazed as to how he was very interested in the activities. I learnt a lot from the fact that I have to follow his interest to have the maximum effects.

How did your homeschooling week go?