When I started homeschooling, I was looking for a curriculum to follow and most of the ones I found were all about teaching numbers, colours and as time went on and my education philosophy started to evolve, I decided that I was going to do weekly theme-based activities.

The beauty of this theme based activities is they get to learn about all of these things but I do it without the pressure of “You must know it”. I would be sharing my weekly activities and what my 2-year-old and I get up to every week to inspire you and I really hope it does.

Some people follow the school year calendar (because it is a requirement in their country) but since my son is still 2 and I don’t plan on taking him to a school till about 4 I started from when he turned 2.

Week 1: All about me
Week 3 My Family
Week 6: Easter
Week 7: Holiday With Grandma
Week 8: Potty Training
Week 10: Colours & Rainbows
Week 11: Flowers
Week 13: Animal Habitats
Week 14: Zoo
Week 15: Ocean & Beach
Week 16: Gardening
Week 17: 5 Senses
Week 18: Feelings
Week 19: Break
Week 20: Break
Week 21: Hot & Cold
Week 22: Weather
Week 23: Rainy
Week 24: Hot
Week 25: Harmattan
Week 26: Snowy
Week 27: Cats & Dogs
Week 28: Bees & Butterfly
Week 29: Birds
Week 30: Independence/Nigeria
Week 31: Igbo
Week 32: Yoruba
Week 33: Hausa
Week 34: Trees
Week 35: Bears
Week 36: Community Helpers
Week 37: Doctors & Dentists
Week 38: Fire Fighters & Chef
Week 39: Police & Teacher
Week 40: Mechanic & Architect
Week 41: Cleaners
Week 42: Christmas & New Year
Week 43: Fruits
Week 44: Apple & Strawberry
Week 45: Grapes & Orange
Week 46: Banana & Mango
Week 47: Languages
Week 48: French
Week 49: Valentine/Spanish
Week 50: Shapes - Circle
Week 51: Square
Week 52: Triangle

How did I pick out the themes?
There was no science to how I picked out the theme, I checked online based on what people currently do, shuffled things around based on time of the year and the people I have access to.

How will I know what activities to do under each theme?
This is the format I use to plan ahead.
  • Numeracy:
  • Science:
  • Craft:
  • Fine motor skills:
  • Gross motor skills:
  • Cooking:
  • Books to read:
  • Trip:
  • Screen:
  • Music:
  • Bible:
Are the activities done daily?
No, we only focus on 3 times a week. The other days are to explore nature freely, free play and frankly plenty tv. If I had a sandbox already, I will add that to the other days.

I would share by Wednesday our “All about me” activities we were up to last week. Just to note that my son is 2 and most of our activities are on the basic level we do a lot of conversation about these things more than actually doing anything and based on the age of your child, you can tweak the activities to fit their level.

What do you do for homeschooling with your toddler?
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