Hello There!!!

We are back!!! We had a summer break because, mummy needs to rest too and we are back! How was your summer holiday? We made a slight change to the 52 weeks theme-based toddler homeschooling activities for the rest of the year.

Here is our updated list but our Sections is the same. So, let's go to the theme for the week!

Animal Habitats!!! I did something different, I segmented my activities based on the days we 'work' Monday, Wednesday & Friday. 

So, what was our plan?

Numeracy: How many animals can you count? 
Science: Sorting 
Craft: Paper plate animals, Craft sticks animals, Scissors skills - cut animals 
Fine Motor: Coloured rice sensory bin, pouring and dumping, animal hunting
Gross Motor: Horse back ride, act like an animal
Cooking: Animal face pancake, cookies 
Books: Zoo Book, Pout pout fish
Trip: Farm, Aquarium 
Bible: Noah, Jonah, David 

Circle time - Down in the jungle, under the sea, old mcdonald had a farm, fishes in the sea.

This is how I now segmented it. Different Habitats for each day
We celebrated our first day back with pictures!

Monday: We focused on Farm Animals
  • Counting the farm animals
  • Paper plate animals - Chicken - Paper plate, feathers, googly eyes, glue, scissors
  • Zoo Book 
  • Sensory Bin - Farm themed: Used Beans, Semovita and Oats as base, plastic animals from @thecuddleplayhouse 
  • Act like an animal
  • Horse back ride - Mummy/Daddy on 4 knees and child rides ;)
  • Cookies - We used @machifoods bambara flour, oats, sesame seeds butter, coconut milk and sugar. Let the children mix and pat it down.

Sensory bin

Clean Up

Clean up

Made facts cards on each animal

Wednesday: We focused on Jungle 
  • Counting and talking about jungle animals 
  • Craft sticks animals - Craft sticks from @thecuddleplayhouse
  • Noah's story
  • Sensory bin - Jungle themed: Sand & beans as base, plastic animals from @thecuddleplayhouse
  • Play dough - I got the play dough from Miniso
  • Snake craft - Scissors, paper plate, paint, paint brush, goggly eyes, glue 

Friday: We focused on the Sea
  • Counting/talking about sea animals 
  • Water Play 
  • Colour sea animals - No mess Colouring - Ziplock bag, paint, print out of sea animals
  • Jonah - Story of Jonah 
  • Sensory bin - Sea Themed - Blue food colour, Plastic animals, Water beads, cups, funnel
  • Sorting 
Water beads 

No mess painting


Counting water beads


Matching animals with the printout

Reality is the mess! 

The experience is well worth it! I hope you learnt a thing or 2 today! 

Please let me know what you learnt in your homeschool this week.