Hello People! This is week 3 of our 52-week theme-based activities 

Here was our plan over the week;

  • Numeracy: Count family members/ Count stairs
  • Science: Sensory Bin with passport photographs of everyone and identify
  • Craft: House with figures of everyone who lives in it / Family Tree /
  • Fine motor skills: Colour drop, Hanging clothes/socks
  • Gross motor skills: Playground
  • Cooking: Setting table, bake a cookie for the family
  • Books to read: (I found that the book I wanted to read was showing same-sex families - I don't want to read that to my child)
  • Trip: Cousins House
  • Screen: Family Song
  • Music: Finger family song
  • Bible: Jacob - watching the story or telling the story of Jacob

What happened: 

  • We did our circle time and included the ant marching song and more songs we learned at ALC.

  • We counted family members, counted the slabs when we go for our walks and I noticed that he is now interested in counting even without me prompting him, so I just encourage him. He skips '6' and has the cutest '7' Lol. 

  • We did the sensory activities then I realise that we don't have passport photographs of everyone, so we just did scooping and everything ended on the floor.  The idea is to bury each member of the family's passport photograph and have them identify who it is. For older children, you can put a separate paper with boxes labeling mummy, daddy etc and have them put the right passport in the right box.

  • What we did for setting the table was just try to eat at a table a much as possible but he still loves running around and we need to keep doing this. We couldn't bake, I didn't get time to shop for it and I felt really bad but I will still incorporate it into another week. 
Sponge and water transfer

* Tray
* 2 bowls
* Sponge
Water was everywhere
* Place the bowls on the tray
*Add water into one of the bowls and put in the sponge
* Let them transfer the water into the other bowl by squeezing. You can add some colour to the water to make it more fun

Hanging cloth Activities (Fine motor skills)
* Where you can tie a string from one end to another in your kids' height 
* A string 
* Pegs 
* Kids clothes, socks 

Depending on your kid's age you can put the clothes on the line and ask them to just put the pegs or they put the clothes and pegs altogether. 

I set this up in my living room tying one end of the string to the base of my tv and the other end on a chair. My son got frustrated when the peg wasn't going on it and just kept pulling it, and I got frustrated too and just packed it all up and I was done for the day. 

We did a science experiment at ALC

Materials needed
* Baking soda
* A cup (transparent)
* Colour
* vinegar 

Put baking soda and the colour in the cup
Add the vinegar 

What happens is there is a chemical reaction that causes it to erupt and there are bubbles, do it in different colours and it is fun to watch for the children. 
We somehow ended under the car looking for a football