Hello People! This is week 2 of our 52-week theme-based activities 

Here was our plan over the week;

  • Numeracy: Count how many rooms, stairs, count everything countable in the home
  • Science: Where do I do what?
  • Craft: House with figures of everyone who lives in it.
  • Fine motor skills:
  • Gross motor skills: Playground, run, jump
  • Cooking:
  • Books to read: In a people house
  • Trip: Explore our neighbourhood, Talk about how to get 'home'
  • Screen:
  • Music:
  • Bible:

What really happened;

This week was a difficult one for me because I was really really exhausted and busy trying to deliver a job to a client but I took some time to go through what we planned. We did our circle time throughout the week and I was just trying to make it to the next day with all the tantrums I was dealing with. 

Our routine is very simple like I have shared in a previous post, after circle time we went ahead to look into all the rooms we have, counted it and talked about what we do in each room. 

Sitting room 
Guest room
Toilet etc. 

We counted the rooms(numeracy). We did this a couple of times during the week. Note that I don't quiz him to know if he 'got' it or not because that is not the goal. We just continue using the terms we have introduced which will already be in our daily conversations. (Vocabulary Building)

We 'read' in a people house and I loved it, it shows different things that are in the house and I just intentionally mentioned it, chair, window, table, tv, fan etc. are all the things you find in your house. Something along those lines.

As always we explored our neighbourhood, talked about our house. 
Holding a almond fruit

Activities we did - 

House with figures of everyone living in it - Which we also used for the next week theme "My Family" 

What you need
* Cardboard
* Scissors 
* Glue 
* Pencil or marker or pen
* Paint & brush (optional but fun)


* Cut out a rectangle 
* Fold the top into 2 to make a 'roof' (Triangle) - See Picture
* Use scissors to cut a line below the triangle fold but don't cut it all the way through, you are trying to form a door. - see picture 
* On another cardboard draw out the people in your home in stick figures or if you are an artist go all out. (if your kids are older they can do the drawing themselves. 
* Cut out the drawing
* Glue the drawing to the 'house' inside the 'door' 
* You can go ahead to paint it - we used foam for ours.

My 2-year-old could only put the glue behind the family and use the foam to paint. We now went ahead to talk about daddy, mummy and him! You can talk about names here, occupation, age and random facts about each person in the family. The age and interest of the child matters as to what information they will get. 

We went to ALC for our weekly mother and son class and the highlight for us was the sensory play

What you need
*Shaving foam 

* Put the shaving foam and paint on the ice and watch it melt. 
You can use different colours, on different ice cubes and watch it melt. It forms beautiful patterns. That is the exciting part. 
That's pretty much what we were up to. 
Next Theme: My Family

What are you going to try out?