Hello People! This is week 1 of our 52-week theme-based activities 

  • Numeracy:
  • Science:
  • Craft:
  • Fine motor skills:
  • Gross motor skills:
  • Cooking:
  • Books to read:
  • Trip:
  • Screen:
  • Music:
  • Bible:

Like I mention in the previous post, these are the categories I would be using to plan but let me put a disclaimer, my son is 2 and I don't sit him down to 'teach' him anything, we mostly just talk about all these things and there is zero pressure to do a certain activity. Like I also mentioned we are only doing planned activities 3 times in a week and the other 2 days we focus on water play, walks around the neighbourhood, playground and hopefully soon sand play.

Here was the plan for week 1;
  • Numeracy: Count body parts/Birthday (He turned 2) We counted our body parts and I honestly can't remember how he responded to it. We talked about him turning 2 on the 15th and counted 1, 2 with a big hurray!!! It brings so many giggles!
  • Science: I see me - We have a room with giant mirrors and we went in there to see 'me' and we touched his eyes, nose through the mirror and gave himself a big kiss!

  • Craft: Finger painting, trace out all 5 fingers & colour, make a face. We did this on different days of the week. (pictures and what you need below)
    You need, 2 Googly eyes, something to draw a circle, gum, pen, thread

    1. Make the circle and cut it. Draw "hair" with a pen

    Pull out the string.

    draw the eyes, nose & mouth
    Put the glue on the hair, eyes and had cuddles put the eyes, name it and hurray.

    Added one crayon to colour the mouth.
    Depending on your childs age, you can let them draw face themselves and suggest to them what they can do.
    What you need: Finger paint, a pencil to trace a finger, alot of patience and will power to leave your child to play and make a mess.

  • Fine motor skills: Play dough with 2 candles to poke holes in- I couldn't do this one, we were too occupied with other days
  • Gross motor skills: Playground/nature walk: Our nature walk this week was focused on anything he was interested in. If he wanted a flower, we cut it. If he wanted to watch the garbage truck, I let him.


    We talked about the orange truck

    We stopped by the wheelbarrow 

    Picked up a leaf


    He started dropping all the random things inside the drainage, stones, leaf and watched how the water beneath reacted. 

    He sat to watch the garbage truck do their thing.
  • Cooking: Face pancake/ Bake birthday cake together
  • Books to read: My book about me - Dr Seuss/All by myself - Mercer Mayer : I couldn't find My book about me but we read "All by myself" via youtube. I am still looking for how to update our library
  • Trip: Downstairs to the mirror; We walked downstairs to the mirror room

  • Screen: We didn't really do anything along this lines but it is supposed to be screen time related to the theme for the week
  • Music: head, shoulders, knees & toes, My name is.... (I used supersimple songs version)
  • Bible: Jesus loves me song

I hope this inspires you. Next week we are working on "Me and my home"