Hello People! This is week 4 of our 52-week theme-based activities 

Here was our plan over the week;

  • Numeracy: List and count the continents in the world
  • Science:
  • Craft: Passport & Suitcase, World
  • Fine motor skills: Make a passport, where I live
  • Gross motor skills: Playground
  • Cooking:
  • Books to read: How to make an apple pie and see the world
  • Trip:
  • Screen: Continent Video
  • Music: Continent Song, He's got the whole world in his hands
  • Bible: Tower of Babel

What really happened: 
We follow our routine for the most part and this week wasn't any different.  We begin our homeschool time with circle time, we included "He's got the whole world in his hands" sing-along time.

I wasn't particularly excited about this week because I know that one will not be able to exactly explain the world to a toddler but I knew that it is important to still introduce it all to him and that is what we did!

We listed and counted the 7 continents in the world.
- Africa
- Europe
- Asia
- North America
- South America
- Australia
- Antarctica

When he is older the plan will be to create an activity that depicts a culture or anything from each of the continents.
We counted and named them! He didn't repeat after me. Lol.

Crafts! The world and me - The idea of this activity is a pictorial representation of where they are in relation to their world.

  • Blue/green cardboard
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Pen to label each circle
  • Stapler/Glue

  • Draw 6 cirles on a cardboard - The next circle smaller than the last one (as pictured)
  • Paint each circle to represent World - Continent - Country - State -Local Government - Home
  • Use a stapler or glue to hold it together
  • Talk about the world, continent, country, state, local government and where your home is.

My son decided to paint his truck. Expression. 

Different captions

Book we 'read' as you know I still read books from Youtube, I've still not found a convenient way to get books that I want, till then I will do it like this till we do. The book was an interesting one, helps you see different countries and what is peculiar to each country to all form the ingredients of an apple pie. Such an adventure.

Screen time: I played him the song of the continent, find below (I didn't find the exact one we used as someone gave me) :

Bible Story/Story: We read the tower of babel showing that there are different languages all around the world.

Other things we were up to: We practices our fine motor skills with foam and water, threading (which he refused to do btw), leaves from our nature walk and some good old water play.

You see that some weeks with our best planning intentions we never really get to do so much. I hope this has been helpful.