MONEY!! Money is one of the biggest issues when you are thinking of becoming a SAHM. The world will worry for you, you will worry for yourself and while I don't believe that money should be too much in the focus when talking to SAHMs but we know that it is also important.

What are the ways you can make money as a SAHM?


Yes! Sometimes all you need to do is "ask". I know some people will say "Good luck with that" but the truth is that it is possible. I also understand that all fingers are not equal (Income, reasonable partner) but it's important to be realistic before you ask, but some people only need to just ask! It's really that simple. ⠀

Being realistic includes knowing what your partner earns and knowing if it's realistic for them to give you something small (no matter how small) without it affecting major family expenses. ⠀

Men are logical, some of them just need a logical reason why they need to pay you something, you can make a list of what you are saving the family by being a stay at home mum and explain that you also don't want to have to keep asking for money for every single thing. ⠀

It's absolutely important not to make the conversation too 'serious' because you don't want to put your partner under additional pressure, you can always add to your partner "There is no pressure, just something for you to think about and consider" ⠀

For some people, it might happen immediately you ask, for others it will be an ongoing conversation till your point is heard but do have the conversation as much as you need to without the pressure. You get? 

Starting a business is another way to make money. Know that the way you do your business as a SAHM is going to be different and make peace with that first then; 

  • Identify the business you want to do 
  • Strategise the lease path of resistance 
  • Create a process around what you do (after like a month of doing it) and document it
  • Leverage on technology and work towards automation
  • Be ready to sacrifice 
  • You have to be organized to the T 
  • Delegate as you grow 
  • Let excellence be your watchword 

I will give an example of my life.

I love photography but it is very demanding as a business, If you have to take portraits, you know it's largely dependent on when the client is available, so I went into product photography (I wish I could say it was strategic but I make it work) In product photography I designed my business model to charge extra if a client wants to be in the shoot, this way I control my time and I can shoot at night when my son is sleeping. My process also says they get their images 3-5 business days after the shoot which gives me enough turn around time to get the job out. - That is my least path to resistant.

Think of how you can strategise your kind of business. If you are passionate about make-up, do you have to do make-up for people?
Are there people who can churn out work the same day? YES! Am I one of them? No! Do I have customers? Yes, as much as those people? No! Opportunity cost!

In my product-based business, I am free (days I don't have to be there to homeschool) on Tues and Thursdays. I schedule everything I need to do in those days, (going to market, packing playboxes, editing videos etc etc.) If your child goes to school you have some hours 5 days a week - make the best of those hours.

As small as my businesses are, they have a process, it is not as full-blown in a word document as all the big companies but I have my processes (written down in a book) for writing a blog post, snapping a bag, snapping a shoe, what to look out for, social media post (not all), market, packing playboxes etc. this makes it more efficient and less time-consuming.

Leverage technology, in any way and every way. Automate your processes, start with google forms, let them fill out a form to order or WhatsApp or use invoicing apps to help you eliminate paper and book.

You have to be organized. I know it's not easy and it won't happen in a day honestly. But you have to be organized at least 60% of the time, planning and planning is important. Like someone can't just tell me to come now (well except it is from UN sha) berra pick a Tues or Thursday.
Let excellence be your watchword, if you are selling products, pick the best to sell. If you are offering a service, be excellent at it. So that when you say, you can only deliver in "2 weeks" they will be willing to wait for YOU!

You also want to read the things to consider before starting a business as a stay-at-home mum

3.  START A BLOG: I have a 3 part series on this on Instagram, you can listen below; 



Affiliate marketing, how does it work? You see when you recommend a product to someone and they buy from that vendor, the vendor is happy(because they made more sale), you are happy that you helped someone out? ⠀

How about if you believe in a product so much that you don't mind marketing it to your friends? and instead of you to just feel fulfilled you get a commission on the product? The vendor is happy, you are happy? because you made small money. ⠀

How do people use it? They sign up for an affiliate network say Jumia, and I have a youtube/IG/Blog where I either share my life, share reviews and when I am talking about certain products I say "I got it from Jumia, if you want you can use the link in my bio to purchase" they use your link you get small money, the more you sell, the more money you get. Simple maths. ⠀

Only it's not that simple, you need numbers for it to make sense, but I will say if you want to go this route, start from when your audience is small so they are used to your style of doing things and as you grow your income grows too. you get? ⠀
The logic is that they won't get those customers anyway if it wasn't for your influence... so, pay me small money from your profit for my effort on your business. you get? ⠀

How can you use it? ⠀
Small businesses around you, there are quite a number of small businesses who won't mind for you to actively push their business for them and get a certain commission, the downside is that they are not established and you are not sure how they can be, so pick people with integrity and ensure you document your agreement. ⠀

If you are in the diaspora or you have major traffic from the diaspora, you need to use Amazon, they have a wide range of products that you can always talk about and their network is tried and trusted. ⠀
Jumia and Konga have affiliate networks that I cannot vouch for (if you've used them you can comment below) and there are quite a number of other high paying affiliate networks online. ⠀
A lot of bloggers/YouTubers and SAHMs in diaspora use these affiliate networks to earn millions. I kid you not, it's huge and this is kinda sorta the model for network marketing.


Returns on Investment(s)

We know that investment is a marathon and not spring and in order to invest you have to save because let's face it, investment is not exactly cheap! But you can begin to grow your reserve so you can take advantage of opportunities when they come! Start saving, no matter how small, gradually you'd save enough to invest in something that gives you passive income, that way nobody can tell you nothing. So,

  • Start saving 
  • Keep eyes out for opportunities 
  • Get financially intelligent, read books, listen to youtube videos on the subject
  • Track you expenses to maximize your savings
Any other way you think stay-at-home mums can make money?