As a sahm before you start a business here are some of the things to consider;

1. Examine your why: I know there are different categories of sahms - The ones who have
no choice because it’s a cheaper option for their family, the ones who their husbands
pay them for it, the ones who are unappreciated by their spouses, the ones who can’t
get a job - and because they want to just ‘make money’ they start a business. I want to
let you know that you are not obligated to start a business because you are a sahm but
IF you feel that you want to do it, you need to examine your why, to make it a worthwhile
venture. Business is not beans and it requires serious commitment and consistency. So,
examine why you want to start if it is “just to make money” I will tell you for free right
now, It is not enough.

2. Business can make you lose focus on why you became a sahm - don’t let it: This is if
your reason are your kids. Business is a growing baby and requires so much attention
and if you are not careful it can take your focus away from your kids. Don’t be under
ANY pressure to do your business like the instagram coaches advice (keep it in your left
pocket because someday it will be useful) because your realities are not the same, the
choices you made are not the same, so focus on your own focus.

3. Go all out but take it slow: Look at business as a marathon and not a sprint. Go all out in
the sense that when you are planning for your business, look at it like it will be a
global brand someday (if that’s what you want) but take it slow in the sense that you are
not rushing when your kids are still in their early years to be in all the stores nationwide
(you get?) know your season and be willing to cut back on the “success” without feeling
any remorse.

4. Know that starting a business is not the only way to find fulfilment in this life: As a sahm
we are always told to “go and make money” and whatever you do might eventually make
money or become a business but you will already be fulfilled doing what you love doing.
If you have some savings, you can explore investment opportunities, you can start a blog
talking about what you love love love, you can volunteer for a cause you are passionate
about, you can start a podcast, read books, have a bookclub etc.

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I hope that these tips will help you as you go along on your journey!