We explored colours in our homeschool this week 

My Thoughts on homeschool this week: 

You might look at me from afar and think I have this homeschooling thing down to the T, well not exactly. I still have a lot of doubts. ⠀

"Why are you like this, why can't you just put this child in school like everyone else?" ⠀
"What if you ruin him for life? - you know there is no second chance" ⠀
"Does he even know the things he is supposed to know?" ⠀
I kid you not, all these thoughts have passed my mind a number of times this year and because of that I decided to use this week as a form of evaluation, I was asking a lot of "What is this?" the boy has even picked it up to start asking me "Mummy, what is this?" not because he doesn't know but so that he can tell me "No mummy, It is Xyz" 🤷 ⠀
All-in-all we had a good week; 

How I planned: 

I planned with the different colours to explore, activities to do on which days, outing to go, books to read.

Colours to explore:

Split activities up into the days of the week and created activities around them. 

  • Colour Sensory bags
  • Colour sorting with pompoms & Cupcake Pan
  • Ladybug craft
  • Sunshine craft 


  • Craft stick matching 
  • Rainbow
  • Whale craft 
  • Turtle 


  • Colour mixing 
  • Spider 
  • Pig 

What I 'evaluated';⠀

- Colour Recognition & Identification ⠀
- Ability to follow instructions ⠀
- Focus on one activity - attention span ⠀
- Developmental milestones ⠀
- What he is interested in based on the activities. ⠀

Our Activities 

Craft Stick Matching

Colour Rainbow

Colour matching with printouts

Pom Pom Colour Matching

Colour Mixing With Ziplock Bag

Created ladybuug


We got all materials from @thecuddleplayhouse 
I was surprised to see what he had picked up over time, from our interactions, the places we go, what he watches and all, it is amazing how much they soak up. I learnt this week to trust the process and give him much more credit than I do. I am also learning to stop worrying too much. I mean, what's the worst that can happen right?⠀
We went to Lekki Conservation!

What have you been up to in your homeschool?