Homeschool Thoughts

How I planned;


  • Heart Stamp
  • Qtip Painting 
  • Ilama Ilama - Book
  • Skidimarinka - Song 


  • Fizzy Heart 
  • Play dough 
  • Heart Wreath 
  • Guess how much I love you?


  • Yaba
  • Goop 
  • Heart Cutting 

The activities we got up to;

Heart cutting practice: 

This activity is to help your child from 3 years old, while they might have the capacity don't expect perfection. 

  • Cardboard 
  • Marker 
  • Child-Friendly Scissors 
  1. Cut the cardboard into a heart shape
  2. draw different cutting patterns as seen above 
  3. present the activity and let them practice 
  4. Don't forget not to interrupt 
Heart Wreath

  • Paper Plate 
  • Coloured tissue paper or white tissue paper 
  • (if you don't have white tissue) Paint & water
  • Glue 
  1. Soak tissue paper in the paint water 
  2. Let it dry 
  3. Cut out the paper plate in shape of a heart
  4. Glue tissue to the heart outline 
  5. Hang where your child will be proud

A failed attempt at a playdough
If you are looking for a playdough recipe look here

Fizzy heart - Valentine-themed science experiment 


  • Cardboards 
  • Pen 
  • Glue 
  • Baking Soda
  • Red food colouring 
  • Vinegar 

  1. Draw a heart shape 
  2. Put glue to fill the heart 
  3. Pour in the baking soda and let it dry 
  4. Put a few drops of red food colour into the vinegar 
  5. Pour on the dried baking soda and fizzle away
  6. Ensure to do more than 1 heart because it's always fun to watch 

We went to Abayomi Finnah Park, here is a review

Heart Stamp: 

  • Foam 
  • Red Paint 
  • Paint Palette
  • Cardboard 
  1. Cut the foam into a heart shape 
  2. Pour paint on the palette 
  3. Dip the foam in the paint 
  4. Stamp on the cardboard

I really hope you find this useful and can re-create some of the activities in your own home. Please leave a comment for us let us know if you'd try this.