I have a love-hate relationship with circle time.  First, I have to be animated, then I have to remember songs that I would rather not remember, It takes time for me to come into myself in the mornings and since our circle time is usually in the mornings it is so difficult to get myself in the zone. 

I listened to someone on a homeschooling conference and she spoke about how creating a playlist for her kids (who are older) helps them get going in the morning and the light bulb hit me. I needed to create a playlist that will basically help us get moving and help our circle time. 

If you are wondering what is circle time. 

According to https://childrencentral.net/ 

Circle time is a time for important social interactions among young children. It helps develop positive relationships between kids through engaging and fun activities. 

However in a homeschool setting it is different if you don't have multiple children, essentially it's just the time to set aside to interact with your child beyond "What do we have to do today" there is no limit to what you can do during circle time at the heart of it, it should be fun, engaging and something your child looks forward to and that is where singing and dancing comes into play. 

 Benefits of Circle time 

We are not all gifted to be animated and to enjoy this part of the "job" so we get help. I have created a playlist on Boom play that has various action songs, it can be a starting point for your own list, you can also search on the app for other songs you might be interested in. 

Click the link to the playlist

Do you currently do circle time in your homeschool?