Once again they have trended the #momochallenge by riding on the emotions on mums. When I first saw the post making the rounds on instagram I went to check on youtube the supposed source of the challenge and did abit of research and saw that it might not be enitrely real but as much as I knew it wasn't I didn't say anything because it did shed light on something important.

Parents have to be aware of what their children are watching on youtube. I was at a family friends house and their older child was watching youtube on her tab and you know how the videos will go from the next video to the next, by the time we were leaving she was already watching a video in another language with older kids unboxing some candy or so and she started from a nursery rhyme. What she was watching was unsupervised and I am sure if her parents were paying attention they probably won't allow her watch it.

We know that we need to supervise what our children take in especially when they are younger and they can't say "I want youtube" but I am also of the opinion that if you don't let your children know what youtube is, they won't ask for it. haha.

How do you let them get the benefits of the videos on youtube while protecting them from the uncertainty of the platform.

Download the videos.

I download any video I want for my son from youtube, put in a flash drive and connect to the tv. Win-win. Find the link below to download videos from Youtube

Download videos here!

I hope this is helpful for you! Cheers to keeping our children safe!