Hello dearest Christian parents

It really is an amazing thing to be a parent.

I can tell because i'm one and for those of us that are planning to have kids or about to you will definitely get to find out how amazing it is.

We are going to be starting a series on Christian parenting and when we talk about Christian parenting let us never forget preparing for it! Just like every good thing needs preparation, a parent has to be prepared even before a child is born to parent their children the Christian way. T

This will make you intentional about what you do because you are prepared for the journey ahead.

So the question is how do we start Christian parenting for an unborn child

1. Being knowledgeable about your faith: You can’t be a Christian parent if you are totally clueless about being a Christian the preparation has to start with you, your child will be learning from the beginning so you have to be very well informed about your faith

2. Be passionate about your faith: The only way to teach your faith to your children
is to tell them genuinely what it means to you!

3. Be intentional: This is you being determined to ensure that your Christian
parenting doesn’t get washed away by time and season.

4. Let God and love guide you!

Parenting for an unborn child is the preparation and intentionality of taking the step
of being a Christian parent!

I will leave you with this bible passage proverbs 22:6;

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Happy Christian parenting!

Written by
Abimbola Johnson Adetokun. She studied computer science at Lagos state university, a Mum of two, worked as a secretary and a programmer and is currently running an online blog crossblogger while being a stay at home mum.