Our Plan for the week. 

  • Nature walk - Bugs edition
  • Bugs observation
  • Dragonfly craft
  • Playdough Insects - ladybug
  • Bug rocks
  • Spider web hunt
  • Butterfly scissors practice
  • Spider paper plate craft
  • Butterfly Painting
We did through the week:

We started off the week with a nature walk with the intention to catch a bug but I didn't think we were actually going to find one dragonfly waiting to let us catch it. It was so exciting. 

We went ahead to observe it with our microscope 

We let it go as soon as we were done with observation. It was a rainy day so we went back out to jump in muddy puddles *In Peppa pigs voice* 

Went ahead to create a dragonfly craft: 

Playdough bugs: 



It will take a lot to tell a 3-year old that a snake is not a bug so we just went with it. 

Spider web hunt:

Spider Craft: 

Butterfly Painting:

Butterfly cutting practice: 

Spider web gross motor game: 

Bee Tissue roll craft: 

Feed the bugs with pom poms: 

All-in-all it was a great week and I am sure he had fun, he particularly loved the tissue roll bugs and kept playing with it. I was even roped into a pretend play with the bugs. haha! I loved it, can't complain! 

Next week we are exploring Dinosaurs! Can't wait!

How was your homeschool last week?