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5 Playroom Ideas that will spark creativity in your child by Lagoia Designs || Guest Post

This post is written by Lagioia Designs click to check out her blog for more interior design tips
First, let’s have a group hug if you have kids and have to be at home with them all day. It has really been an interesting couple of months having to teach my child. One thing I have learned in these times is never to underestimate teachers ever again. I have learnt and still learning how much patience I need to teach a child especially one that is so full of energy and wants to be in like three different places at a particular time. But I am thankful that I get to spend these times with her, observing her and know that I have to be more intentional about the best ways to teach her. One way is through play. I realize she learns better through play, doing craftwork that teach the necessary skills she needs at this time.
I also realized the environment, the decor of the space, the ambience in which she learns matter a lot to how productive her day turns out. I have come up with five tips you can incorporate in your child’s play room/ room with a play area to ensure they stay in the space to get work done in a fun way. The goal here is to create a space that will instigate play and get them to do creative activities in a fun and informal environment.
Use paint finishes like satin that is easy to clean, cleanable wallpaper and wall decals. Introduce colors that spark the imagination of your child like shades of blue, use bold patterns on walls or ceiling to create a focal point that can interest your child.
Use Kid-friendly furniture like rounded coffee tables, cleanable fabric sofas because, children. Introduce furniture for a specific purpose like table and chairs for craftwork as well as doing their homework. Use ottoman, poufs that are easy to move around.
As much as we understand that it's a kids room/playroom and there is a tendency to create a lot of mess, it is also important to have a designated place for items, toys and materials. Use low shelf storage for easy access so the kids can clean up themselves. A very good way to store toys is using baskets, boxes that are not just functional but also stylish. Label the baskets so the kids know what goes in each of them (a win for you if you have older kids).
If you are not into colored walls or furniture, the decor pieces are a perfect way to introduce colors into your child’s space. Use bold colors in area rugs, floor mats, or wall art. You can also introduce themes your kid loves in the wall art. Make the wall arts memorable with colorful paintings and craftwork your kids make, I am sure they will be pretty proud to see their work on the wall.
Get creative with decor pieces, introduce a reading corner using a teepee tent, paint the storage units with bold colors, if you are using the rooms double as a play room, get creative with the beds.
There you have it, which of these ideas are you incorporating in your child’s space to make it more conducive for them?