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The experience I have had with foreign Huggies has been great but the Nigerian one, not so great, so it had never crossed my mind to try this new pant they launched, I wasn't so keen on trying it out but when we didn't get our regular diaper pant due to this pandemic, we had no other option but to try the diaper. 
We got the diaper in size 6

What I loved about it: 

  • I think one of the good things about Huggies is their graphics, I love that it's effortless and still classy. 
  • Love how easy to wear it is, the stretchy band is soft.
  • Love that it is also easy to tear off when the pant is full. 

What I don't like; 
  • One of my major problems with the Nigerian Huggies has been that it usually leaked and I have to change the diaper during the night and sadly this is also following that trend. I don't know if it's the size or my son pees too much but from the picture above it fits well right? but I've had to wake up to patch of pee on the bed on different nights after about 3-4 hours of sleep. 
  • Disposal. You have to cut it and tie it to throw it away. Sigh! I got a foreign Huggies from a family friend and the pant had velcro and it was the best innovation I have seen with this disposal thing, unfortunately, it doesn't seem practical for us to order diapers from the US. Huggies has the technology to create that type of pants so I don't know why it's not being used in this Nigerian version. It would've made it so much cooler and I would've forgiven the leak.
  • You can't easily tell the front from the back. You have to really look well. There is a "back" written on the back of the diaper but it's not so obvious and I can't tell you how many times we've worn it back to front. Lol. 

Got this pack N 2,250
The one on Jumia cost 6,500 for 4 packs 

Cuddly Loves: 
I would give it 3 cuddly loves majorly because it is soft and if you can deal with changing the pants like once at night, it might work for you.