About 2 weeks before we were had our baby we still hadn't bought diapers. We had no clue what to buy, so we called a few people for recommendations and this Huggies was not on the list of highly recommended but when we went into the store, we were not sure of the sizing and what size to buy but then we saw this with the "New Born" on it and decided to buy it. 

I must say, it was one of my best purchases for my baby. 

What I Loved
  • It has a colour indicator if the diaper is soiled and by the colour I could tell if it was number 1 or number 2. 
  • It had a firm grip despite the fact that it started out being small for him. 
  • The quality.
  • It is pretty to look at, It has a winnie the pooh design on it.
  • Minimal Spillage; I didn't deal with poop explosions so much until I changed the brand I used
What I didn't like:
  • You had to change a couple of times at night.
  • It has just that newborn size; I wished it came in more sizes. 
I would definitely recommend this for any new mum. I got other brands as gifts and I wasn't so impressed with the quality. In my opinion, the Huggies newborn diaper is the best newborn diaper. 

5 Cuddly loves!

What diaper brand do you use? Which New born Diaper would you recommend?