I am not writing this post to tell you all that you can do when you have a burnout but this is just me sharing my experience with you mum to mum. 

This year I experienced a level of burn out I've not experienced before. I was not motivated to do a lot of the work I was supposed to be doing, I was constantly tired and you could tell by just looking at my eyes that I needed to sleep. It's been crazy. 

Between homeschooling and the increase in demand in my business, it was hard to keep up with everything but I still managed to scale through even sometimes I wonder "How in the world did I do that?" 

But I realised that all these work load comes with the territory of the early years of childhood. It is so easy to leave your child in front of the TV just because you can't come and die (and I did, ALOT) but one really does have to take time to really really be involved - which is part of the things that cause us to burn out. 

I did a video talking about this on my IG and different people gave comments on how they deal with burn out. I am still here trying to balance homeschooling, running a business and dealing with all the antics my toddler gets up to! 

It's not really been an easy journey.