It's the end of the year and that time where I do a review of the goals I had for the blog at the beginning of the year.

We all know 2020 was different and I am not even going to beat myself up over not achieving my goals. I would say I had a good year growing the community "Cuddle Blog" and interacting with more mums which has been amazing. It might have not been one of my goals but it was the greatest things I achieved on this blog and I am super grateful for that. 

Here is the list of goal I hoped to achieve at the beginning of 2020 and let's review how I did. 

  • Write more blog posts - 4 Posts a Month - That would have been a total of 48 Posts but I only have 38 articles on this blog but I have quite a number in draft. Does that count? Lol
  •       Collaborate with brands; I did collaborate with about 3 brands but not on the level I really hoped it would be but I don't take it for granted
  •       Do reviews of products and places; I did at the beginning of the year when we could go out but that came to a halt since March
  •       Organize our 2nd edition of homeschooling conversations; Yay! We were able to achieve this
  •       Do outings for our Homeschooling support group; Unfortunately, we couldn't do this at all
  •       Grow and do offline events for our stay at home mums support group; We grew and had one offline event
  •       Create resources for homeschooling and sahm mums; Created resources for homeschooling mums but not so much for stay at home mums. 

Top Post with over 300 Views in 2020 

It was not a bad ride considering that overall on the blog I was getting an average of 4000+ views monthly from Google which is great, I just need to keep creating more SEO friendly content for the algorithm. Fingers crossed! 

Blog income report

For the first time since I started this blog in 2017  I made some money! I am so excited about this because over the years I have had people who showed interest in working with me that just asked for my rate card and didn't get back to me but I got different advert offers this year at different points and I am grateful for the opportunities. I know this is just the beginning so looking forward to more opportunities to work with brands in the coming years, I am not in a hurry because I know slow and steady is the name of the game. 

Here is a break down of the money I made; 

I did 1 campaign and 2 adverts and from that got N43,000 
I also created some digital products from which I earned N76,991 between 2 products. 

Which is a total of N119,991

I know for some people is not a lot but it's a great beginning that I am super proud of myself for and looking forward to creating more content in 2021 (God willing). 

I want to also use this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all who have supported me and still engage with my content, you guys really make the journey worthwhile. 

Cheers to 2021!! I would be sharing my blog goals for 2021 in a couple of days but in the mean time, share with me your little win in 2020 below