Hello there and Welcome to the Cuddle Blog.

I didn't give too much thought to life after the Birth of my baby, I just wanted to go through the pregnancy phase one day at a time. It was my first pregnancy and asides what I had read and heard about, it was all new and knowing that everyone's experience was different I really had to take each day at a time because I didn't know what to expect. Since it was my first pregnancy, we decided not to share it with the world mostly because it was a different experience and I didn't want the extra attention from the world, looking back now I wish I could've documented my experience for atleast one person to learn. Which is why we are here...
The Birth of this blog. 

As a first time working mother, I want to document the adventures this new phase of life brings, the highs and lows in the hopes that there can become a community of mothers and it helps or inspires someone out there.

Why The Cuddle Blog? 

I nicknamed my son "Cuddles" when I was pregnant and I've chosen to continue to use that on the internet for him, I figured everyone's baby can be associated with cuddles at one point in their lives so why not? 😉

What should you expect? 

I created this blog to document my experience as a first time mum and I know as soon as I get a hang of things, it can evolve into something better but initially, you should expect life as a new mum, my victories, my failures, my recommendations, my advice, Product reviews etc. Hopefully, it can inspire someone out there. I will be writing and posting some videos too.


Hmm... This is abit tricky. Truth is I still do not have a routine that is set in stone as my cuddles is still the director and dictator of how my day goes,  but I will try to post at least once a week or once in 2 weeks for now!

Here is a One month update I did from my other blog!

So? Let's get started! If you are reading this, please say hello in the comment section and let me know what you would love to see on the blog.