Happy New Year to you! 

It's 9 days into the new year and it's been a week of "Trying to balance" which has gone well so far. I took a one week break from my social media account, I just logged out and I felt so much relief. Running a social media account can be so tasking if we're being honest and it's really been a productive break. 

I am not even sure I know if it is wise at this point to make goals for this year but I do realize that having those goals will you stay focused through the year. I acknowledge that it is not about my plans or goals but for God is the ultimate one that has the reigns. 

In that light, I will still share what I hope my 2021 will look like (God willing) 

  • I would love to create more valuable content - sharing more of what we do with homeschooling and encouraging other SAHMs 
  • I would love to collaborate with more brands using my video skills and photography skills 
  • I would love to get an assistant as soon as I can afford it. 
  • I would love to finish the project I am working on 
  • I would love to continue the work we are doing with Homeschooling conversations 
  • I would love to update my Canva course and launch my blogging course on a decent platform to consolidate it
Putting things in place to ensure that it's not just wishful thinking but doing things deliberately. Here are the things that I am putting in place to be deliberate about ensuring I do my part to reach these goals; 

  • Documenting all our homeschool journey and reaching out to real SAHMs to join me to tell our stories. 
  • I am speaking to an agency to help me with this part.
  • When I make more money, I will put up an ad
  • Sent a message to the person that is supposed to help me out with it, will also have an outlined timeline for the project and put it before me.
  • Think through the pain points and questions around homeschooling 
  • I have actually been lazy about this, I've just not gotten round to do it. Will need to press the record button next week. Lol 
I really hope that I can look back (God willing) and be able to pat myself in the back at a job well done. 

What would you like your 2021 to look like? Have you made plans? Would you like to share?